Sunday, March 29, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-23. Color Crate Carousel

Toadette finds herself in the green square of a construction of hollow wooden boxes that forms somewhat of a "plus" sign shape. The Star is just ahead, but as soon as you move toward it, the carousel starts spinning. There are walkways on the outside of some of the boxes. When the green box is directly above the yellow box, drop down to its ledge and quickly run inside. When the yellow box is above the blue box, drop in and get the first gem. While in the blue box, rotate the camera around so you're looking at the back of the carousel. When the blue box is in the upper right corner, you can quickly run left and drop down into the green box for the second gem. You'll then just barely drop down to the red box when the carousel rotates again. There's a hole in the wall of the red box that allows you to reach the third gem in the center. You'll exit the same way. Be sure to stand away from the hole while the carousel continues to rotate. You may have noticed the Gold Mushroom in one of the boxes. From the red box, drop to the blue box, then leave the blue box to reach the outside of the center. Walk along in a clockwise direction as it rotates. You can touch the carousel to stop it from moving to make things easier. Grab the Gold Mushroom when it reaches the top, then wait for the box to reach the top again, then drop down into the green box from the front side. Wait until the green box is in the lower left corner to go for the Star.

Special Challenge: Collect the Gold Mushroom.

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