Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-12. Rock Block Badlands

Captain Toad finds himself in front of a tower with many bricks. There are regular and homing Bullet Bills firing from the tower and Goombas wandering around. Spin the gears near the Bill Blasters to lower the platforms with the handles. The handles are turnip cannons. Use them to blast away the many bricks and enemies on each side. With the cannon on the right side, you can get the second gem. Climb up the ladder in the center for the first gem. Once the blocks are cleared off, climb up the ladders of the tower. On the left side, go into the turret and drop down to the third gem. When you climb the ladder again, beware the homing Bullet Bills as you walk to the right. There's a gear you have to spin to lower the tower with the Star so you can reach it. The homing Bullet Bills can reach you, so be quick and careful.

Special Challenge: Clear in ten or fewer shots.
You'll need really good aim to break all the bricks that are blocking your path. Try to hit more than one brick per shot. This may take several attempts.

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