Saturday, March 14, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-8. Up 'n' Down Desert

Toadette finds herself in a desert with P-Switches and Piranha Sprouts. The P-Switches make parts of the desert rise and fall. Hit either P-Switch next to the Piranha Sprout to lower it. The plant in front of it contains the first gem. Walk up the ramp near the corner without hitting a P-Switch until you reach the narrow path that is level with the second gem. Step on the P-Switch on the path to raise a part to fill in the gap to get the gem. The part in the gap has a Piranha Sprout, so you may want to pick it up beforehand so it doesn't attack you. Once you get the gem, step on a P-Switch so you can progress up the ramp around the corner. You'll have to hit all three P-Switches here to progress, as stepping on the P-Switch near the corner will block your access. Step on it first, which raises the platform, then the two near each other to lower, then raise the platform. When you step on the P-Switch in the corner, you'll lower the platform. There is a Piranha Sprout in the gap in the path to the Star. Pick it up, walk up the ramp, and toss it at the third gem. To cross the gap, you'll have to step on the three P-Switches in a specific order: the one near the Piranha Sprout, then the one at the base of the ramp, then the one partway up the ramp. Cross the gap to the Star.

Special Challenge: Use Switches eight times to clear the course.
To do so, step on one P-Switch to lower the platform, walk up the ramp and around the corner, and hit the three P-Switches as before. Hit the P-Switches in the area with the ramp to the Star in the same way as before.

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