Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-16. Bullet Bill's Touchy Trials

Toadette finds herself on a Bullet Bill base in lava that contains touchstones. Duck into the nearby alcove and touch the touchstone with the nearby Bill Blasters so they can break the bricks ahead. Raise them and move forward. The lone plant ahead has the first gem. Walk around the corner and step on the touchstone with the Bill Blasters. Touch them to move them so you can reach the other side and the Bullet Bills can break the bricks. Step back onto the base, move the Bill Blasters away, then lower the touchstone in front of them so the Bullet Bills can break the bricks on it. Stand on that touchstone and raise it. Walk under the Star and turn the corner. Walk into the doorway ahead, then touch the touchstone. The second gem is inside the touchstone. Lower it, touch the touchstone with a Bill Blaster near the Star, which will break a brick, stand on the touchstone that contained the second gem and raise it after raising the touchstone with the Bill Blaster. Go through the doorway and look to the left. There's a hidden Gold Mushroom here. Walk to the right and up the ladder after destroying the bricks with the Bullet Bills on the other side. Cross to the other side of the walkway, moving touchstones with Bill Blasters out of the way. Drop down on the other side and climb the ladder on the touchstone. Move the two touchstones below to form a safety net over the lava and drop down. Move the touchstone under the Bill Blaster back to reach the third gem. Stand on the touchstone and move it back, transfer to the other touchstone, and move it. Climb onto the ladder and raise the touchstone with the Bill Blaster. Quickly cross the Bullet Bills' path to another touchstone with the ladder and raise it to the Star.

Special Challenge: Find the hidden Gold Mushroom.

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