Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-19. Retro Ramp-up

Captain Toad finds himself on a Donkey Kong-esque level. Instead of Donkey Kong throwing barrels, at the top is a Spike throwing giant spike balls. Go up the first ladder and rotate the camera so you can see the back of the level. There are some coins here. Go up the second ladder while dodging the spike balls. Drop down and go up the third ladder. One of the plants here has a pickax. Use it to break all of the brick blocks to the left. Go to the back of the level and you'll find Para-Biddybuds flying around a ladder and the first gem. Climb up the nearby ladder on the front side of the level, then stand on the seesaw. Use the spike ball to launch across the gap. The doorway here leads to a Mushroom. Drop down to the doorway below for the second gem. Climb up the ladder and drop down. There's a hole in the brick block wall you can go through. Go up the ladder and through the doorway to the front side of the level. Use the fan to cross the gap to reach another plant with a pickax. With it, drop down and clear all of the brick blocks, head to the back and go left to break the bricks for the third gem. Go back up the ladder on the back side of the level, then drop to the Star.

Special Challenge: Break all of the blocks.
You can touch the GamePad to break the small brick blocks.

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