Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-15. Double Cherry Spires

Toadette finds herself at a palace. There are four short towers near the corners, each with a different color lamp. The tower with the yellow lamp, in the northeast corner, has a Gold Mushroom. Go upstairs in the center tower to get the Double Cherry. Walk forward and split up the clones to land on two P-Switches. This raises the towers and fences between the Toadettes. Send the Toadette on the right to the yellow lamp's tower. Climb up the ladder, then drop down to the P-Switch. This will make the tower on the opposite side, the green lamp's tower, rise and fall. Send the left Toadette into this tower and have her step on the P-Switch on that side. This will raise the tower in front of it, the blue lamp's tower. Under it is a plant with the first gem. Use the green lamp tower to reach the floating carpet to the blue lamp tower. Pick a turnip from the blue lamp tower and carry it to the center tower. Toss it at the second gem. There are unlimited turnips in the blue lamp tower, so it's okay if you miss. Step on the P-Switch in the center tower to raise the pink lamp tower so it connects on the third level of the center tower. Send the Toadette on the right under that tower for a key. Toss it over the fence and unlock the door for the third gem. Climb the ladder on the pink lamp tower and cross to the center tower. Step on the P-Switch, which makes the barrier on the second level of the center tower disappear. Have both Toadettes stand on the two-person elevator, which will take them to the Star.

Special Challenge: Collect the Gold Mushroom.

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