Thursday, March 12, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-6. Biddybud Snow Stroll

Toadette finds herself on a tiled cube with some Biddybuds, that walk an interesting path. Not all of the tiles are stable and will fall away permanently when you step on them. This takes you inside the cube, where some gems and Fuzzies are. The plant by the fence has the first gem. Drop inside the cube. The Fuzzies will move back and forth along long paths. On one side, they will guard the third gem in an alcove. The second gem is in a corner, on a platform under a tile. To get it, you'll have to exit the cube. Use the fans in the corners to do so, then step on the corresponding tile to drop down to the gem. There's a long chain of Fuzzies that passes through the area, so be careful. When you have all three tiles, exit the cube and follow the Biddybuds to the part of the cube that was originally missing a tile that isn't in a corner. Many of the tiles near it will fall away, so you may have to walk on a diagonal to it. Drop down and walk a short distance to the Star.

Special Challenge: Don't break any tiles.
To do so, follow the Biddybuds, who will only step on tiles that won't break.

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