Sunday, March 22, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-16. Poison Canal Cannon Run

Toadette finds herself in a swamp filled with purple water and Fuzzies. Use the clear pipe cannon to launch to a touchstone in the purple water. Grab the Double Cherry and touch the touchstone to move it. The directions it will move are indicated by the arrows on it. Launch from the clear pipe cannon and you'll encounter Fuzzies. Move the touchstone you just landed on while avoiding the Fuzzies and launch from the nearby pipe cannon. You'll land on solid ground, where you'll find two P-Switches. Step on them for the first gem. Move the touchstone you were just on back into place, then launch from the cannon near the P-Switches to another area with a cannon. This will launch you back to the touchstone. Launch from the cannon by the touchstone to another touchstone. Before using the cannon, move the touchstone for another Double Cherry. When you're ready to launch, be sure to move the touchstone ahead so you can land on it. Line the Toadettes up so they can go through the awnings when you move the touchstone. This is so you can get another Double Cherry and the second gem. Launch from the cannon to a touchstone. There's a line of Fuzzies moving around, so time your moving of the touchstone. This will take you to solid ground. There's an elevator for 3 that will take you to the third gem. Step on the touchstone by the cannon and prepare to launch. Once inside the cannon, move the touchstone so you'll have somewhere to land. You'll land in a ring of Fuzzies. Run past the Fuzzies with good timing to reach the Star.

Special Challenge: Clear the course with four Toadettes.

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