Thursday, March 19, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-13. Secret of the Golden Realm

You'll need 110 gems to unlock this level. I have 144.

Captain Toad finds himself in a lava-filled cave with touchstones. A gold Draggadon appears. Use the touchstones to dodge his flames. You'll come across three touchstones next to each other. The one closest to the rock wall will allow you to reach the first gem. The door below it will take you to a panel with flip panels. This leads to a clear pipe cannon. You'll launch to the other side of the cave, where there are doors embedded in the touchstones. Move both touchstones closer to you, go through the door, then move them back. Drop down to the metal platform below and go through the door on the other side for the second gem. The flip panels will provide some protection from the flames, but don't try to outrun them on your way to the gem. Go back through the door and launch from the clear pipe cannon. There are a couple more touchstones with doors. Go through the lower door, then move the lower touchstone so you can reach the third gem on top of it. Walk around to the other side of the touchstones, which will allow you to continue on to another touchstone. Use the flip panels to reach the ladder to the Star. Keep up with the flip panels, but do not outrun them. They disappear fairly quickly. The ladder and rock will fall and hit the golden Draggadon on the head. The Star will land on its nose.

Special Challenge: Clear course in ten touches.
To do so, you have to touch the touchstones minimally. Do not use them to protect you from the flames. Only use them to progress through the course. Cut corners where possible.

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