Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bayonetta 2 Direct -- 9/4/14

Nintendo and Platinum Games have lots of news about Bayonetta 2.

Bayonetta 2 will be a "Non-Stop Climax Action" game. Bayonetta is one of the last surviving Umbra Witches. She can use a variety of spells. Her main style of attacking is called "Bullet Arts", where she uses four guns: two in her hands and two in her shoes. Her magic power is in her hair. Her clothes are also made of her hair. She can use magic to summon Infernal Demons from Inferno this way. She kills enemies without mercy.

Returning characters include Jeanne, who has longer hair than last time, Rodin, Luka, and Enzo. This time, Bayonetta heads into Inferno to rescue Jeanne, who tried to protect her, but had her soul dragged down to Inferno. On the way, Bayonetta must battle with both Angels and Demons. Battles take place in the human world, Paradiso, and Inferno. She will also encounter a powerful boy named Loki and the Masked Lumen.

The Angels take on a similar appearance as in the first game: godly, yet evil-looking. Their appearance changes with their hierarchy in Paradiso. Demons, residents of Inferno, appear for the first time. They live without order and power is everything. They have a more inorganic look compared to Angels.

Combat involves building up huge combos. (X) is for punching, (A) is for kicking. Hold either button to start shooting in the direction you're currently facing. Continuously press the buttons to use combo attacks. Different button combinations lead to different combos. Experiment and you may unleash incredibly powerful attacks. Use the Immortal Marionette to attack by just pressing buttons in Automatic Mode. You can also have Bayonetta attack using the Touch Screen. Witch Time is activated by dodging attacks at the last second. This slows down time so you can inflict greater damage. This will also allow you to charge up your magic power. The Magic Gauge is under Bayonetta's health meter. Once filled, they allow you to execute powerful attacks, such as Torture Attacks, which differ depending on the enemy being attacked. New to the series is the Umbran Climax, which increases her magic power and range, making the summoned Infernal demons more violent. Torture attacks are good for a single enemy, while Umbran Climax attacks are better for many enemies in a wide area. Dodge Offset allows you to dodge enemies repeatedly, while still keeping up your combo.

Some of Bayonetta's weapons can be equipped to either her hands or feet, allowing for different combos. There are many different weapons, so you can customize them for your fighting style. Two combo attacks can be preset to further customize the load-out to your fighting style.

The story mode is divided into chapters, each with many stages. Bayonetta will fight in the air and underwater, not just on the ground. She can also fight will riding in various vehicles. Scores given at the end of the level are based on number of combos, clear time, and damage received, which adds replayability. The highest score is Pure Platinum. There are hidden rooms called Muspelheim in the stages. They offer challenging battles with certain clear conditions, such as never cutting off the combo until the enemy is defeated. They may allow you to discover new combos and techniques. Halos are the form of currency in the game. Use them to purchase items, weapons, accessories, and costumes and Rodin's store. As you play, you can obtain records called Angelic Hymns. Rodin uses them to create new weapons. Purchase duplicates of weapons to equip them to both Bayonetta's hands and feet. You can also purchase skills. Some of the costumes are inspired by Nintendo characters, including Peach, Daisy, Star Fox, Link, and Samus. They add extra attacks and effects.

Tag Climax is an online-only two-player cooperative mode. You pick a Verse Card to select the stage. Characters other than Bayonetta, including Jeanne and Rodin, will be playable. You can earn Halos for story mode and challenge more powerful enemies in Tag Climax by betting those Halos. You'll win more Halos as a reward for increasing the difficulty. There are six stages and the game lets you know who won each stage. The better a player does, the more Halos they earn. If a player falls in battle, the other player can choose to leave them or revive them.

The game will be released on October 24. Both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are included on the physical copies. The games can be purchased separately on the eShop.

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