Thursday, September 4, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Interlude After Chapter 6

In Castle Bleck, Nastasia informs Count Bleck that Dimentio reported that Mr. L was insubordinate by taking on a hero-fighting initiative. She accepts full responsibility and says her administrative breakdown allowed it to occur. "I see, remarked Count Bleck... Well, what is done is done. This prophecy will not be fulfilled without sacrifice." Nastasia reports that Mimi also left the castle. "Did she, now? Well, Count Bleck will leave you to dispense the minion discipline." Nastasia remarks that Count Bleck seems different. She asks if he got a new monocle or if something happened. "Count Bleck feels fine... Leave me..." She leaves, and he monologues, "......Could that Pixl have been... Timpani?" He shakes his head, saying, "No, no completely impossible. I should know that better than anyone. Besides, it's far too late to do anything now. The prophecy has been set in motion and no one, not even I can stop it. No one can stop this now..." He leaves after referring to himself in the first person.

We now return to our serial drama of Timpani and Blumiere.
Blumiere: Timpani! What did you do with her? I must see her!
Blumiere's Father: Still your tongue, Blumiere... Can't you see you've been duped by a dirty human? You have brought shame to my name... and to the entire Tribe of Darkness!
Blumiere: And so what if I did? That doesn't matter to me! She's my entire world!
Father: Well, then it will interest you to know... that she no longer resides in this world.
Blumiere: What... What do you mean by that?!
Father: This is the price those who resist their own fate must pay, my son.
Blumiere: She... No... It can't be so!
Father: Someday you will see, Son. Our kind and humans must never mix.

The heroes have returned to Flipside. When you're ready, go to see Merlon. He asks if they have the seventh Pure Heart. Tippi asks him to look at it. He asks what happened and Tippi explains that The Void consumed the world and left the Pure Heart like this. Merlon says he can't feel the typical energy from it and says it will do nothing if placed in a Heart Pillar. Tippi asks how they can save him, and everyone, from destruction. Merlon says they must defeat Count Bleck, but they need eight Pure Hearts.

Dimentio appears, saying how forlorn the group of heroes cries. There is no way in this world to restore the Pure Heart, making all their hard work in vain. Bowser remarks that that stinks. Dimentio offers a consolation prize by drawing boxes around Mario, Peach, and Bowser, then sets off explosions in each of them. The three heroes disappear and Merlon freaks out, asking what happened. Tippi asks where they went and Dimentio says he fulfilled their wishes and sent them to the next world. He introduces himself as their enemy who serves Count Bleck and leaves.

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