Sunday, September 14, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

It's time to take on the Pit of 100 Trials. To prepare, I made five Emergency Rations, items that heal 50 HP in this area, and 10 HP elsewhere. They are made by having Dyllis of Hot Fraun in Flopside cook Cake Mix (purchased in the Itty Bits on B1 of Flipside) and a Fire Burst, purchased at Howzit's shop on the second floor of Flipside.

To open up the pits, go to B2 of Flipside and use Luigi to hit the switch. This moves some blocks out of the way so you can reach a pipe. Accept the challenge to start. There are 90 floors with enemies. All you have to do is defeat the enemy with the key to unlock the door. Which enemy has the key is random, so you may find the key quickly or slowly. You have 5 minutes to clear each floor, but you'll want to take much less time. My successful run too about 1 hour and 18 minutes. You'll also want to execute Stylish attacks when possible for extra points so you'll level up and heal faster. Each floor is a 2D area designed to look like a Game & Watch screen. The background will represent each of the Pure Hearts the heroes obtained.

A general strategy is to move around on Carrie and have Bowser burn every enemy in sight with his fire breath. You may want to switch to Mario to deal with the fact that the platforms are close to each other vertically, which makes platforming with Bowser difficult. Mario's also good for dealing with enemies that flip and moving around quickly. The platforms are not usable in 3D, which can make reaching the door a little easier. If this doesn't work, use the pipes to move from one side to the other. Use Boomer on flameproof enemies. Luigi is good for enemies that are too close to the edges of platforms. Stay healed and only use the Emergency Rations when you need to. Some enemies will drop items and Flimm may appear on certain floors (multiples of 10).

Here is a list of the enemies I encountered. I may have missed some if I got the key and reached the door quickly enough to not need to look around.
1. Squiglets
2. Goombas
3. Squiglets and Squigs
4. Sproing-Oing
5. Goombas and Gloombas
6. Cherbils
7. Squigs and Sproing-Oings
8. Squiglets and Squigs
9. Poison Cherbils and Gloombas
10. Each room that is a multiple of 10 has a chest with a Catch Card in it. This one has a Tippi card. The rooms also have an exit. Flimm may appear. Take advantage if he does.
11. Koopas and Paratroopas
12. Paragoombas and Spiky Goombas
13. Clefts and Shlurps
14. Flipping Goombas and Koopas
15. Boomboxers and Shlurps
16. Tileoid Gs and Koopas
17. Flipping Koopas
18. Buzzy Beetles and Squigs
19. Squiglets and Koopas
20. Thoreau card
21. Spinies
22. Boos and Gloombas
23. Fuzzies and Cherbils
24. Boing-Oings and Sproing-Oings
25. A single Chomp (stomp with Bowser)
26. Crayzee Dayzees and Paragoombas
27. Squiglets
28. Hammer Bros and Boos
29. Rawbus
30. Boomer card
31. Tileoid Bs and Tileoid Gs
32. Longators
33. Squigs, Growmebas, and Cursyas
34. Clefts and Stone Buzzies
35. Squigs and Choppas
36. Ninjoes
37. Squigs, Buzzy Beetles, and Spike Tops
38. Spiky Goombas and Magikoopas
39. Fire Bros and Tileoid Gs
40. Slim card
41. Clubbas and Squiglets
42. Gloombas and Pokeys
43. Koopa Strikers (depending on where they are, they can hurt themselves and others with their shells, so you can just wait on some of them)
44. Squigs and Squogs
45. Tileoid Rs and Tileoid Bs
46. Flipping Goombas, Flipping Koopas, and Flipping Paratroopas
47. Cherbils (Sleep, Poison, Ice)
48. Magikoopas and Clubbas
49. Squogs
50. Thudley card
51. Buzzy Beetles, Spinies, Flipping Spinies
52. Pigarithms
53. Spanias and Tileoids Bs
54. Clubbas and Dry Bones
55. Hooligons
56. Dark Boos and Cursyas
57. Ice Cherbil and Zoing-Oings
58. Crayzee Dayzees and Amayzee Dayzees (they move quickly and flip, so just wait a while before you chase after them. They may have the key.)
59. Squigs and Yellow Magiblots
60. Carrie card
61. Beepboxers, Cursyas, and Heavy Cursyas
62. Dry Bones and Dark Boos
63. Boomerang Bros and Clubbas
64. Tileoid Rs and Tileoid Ys
65. Growmebas and Blomebas
66. Ninjoes and Skellobits
67. Longators and Longadiles
68. Squogs and Flipping Hammer Bros
69. Soopa Strikers
70. Fleep card
71. Moon Clefts and Clefts
72. Jawbus
73. All kinds of Cursyas
74. Coptas
75. Ruff Puffs
76. Boomboxers, Beepboxers, and Blastboxers
77. Squogs, Blue Magiblots,
78. Chromebas and Blomebas
79. Flipping Spiky Skellobits
80. Cudge card
81. Hogarithms and Tileoid Ys
82. Squoinkers and Red Magiblots
83. Pink Fuzzies and Cherbils
84. Spanias and Shlorps
85. Poison Pokeys and Dark Boos
86. Koopatrols and Magikoopas
87. Chromebas, Coptas, Reversya Cursyas
88. Ninjoes and Ninjohns
89. Headbonk Goombas
90. Dottie Card
91. Gawbuses
92. Ninjoes, Ninjohns, and Ninjerrys
93. Skellobits and Cursyas
94. Squoinkers and Flipping Fire Bros
95. Skellobits and Spiky Skellobits
96. Flipping Boomerang Bros and Flipping Fire Bros
97. A single Squoinker (upper left corner)
98. Red Chomps
99. Red, Blue, and Yellow Magiblots

100. At the bottom of the pit, you'll find an area that looks like Fractail's area. Walk to the right and someone asks, "Who's that?!" A dragon is drawn in. It's the wrathful god, Wracktail. The Ancients locked him in here. Wracktail asks why the heroes woke him up. It will punish them with death to make them understand the wrath of the gods. It has an unknown amount of HP and 10 attack. Tippi says he's a prototype of Fracktail. The antenna is the weak spot. Wracktail behaves the same way as Fracktail does. Flip to get on Wracktail's back when it approaches from the right. You can still throw the Wrackles on its back at the antenna, but since Luigi's on the team, you can Super Jump to reach the antenna and combo stomp it, racking up extra points by being Stylish. When he's defeated, he says he's done, but the heroes have not yet won. He's not the only monster the Ancients created. A greater terror awaits them in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. It explodes and an chest appears.

Open the chest and someone says, "Brrrrrrrrr!" This is one of the last times things get funky. The missile-shaped Pixl says they defeated that monster of a dragon. It says it's crazy that the heroes cleared the other 99 rooms and it's impressed. It gives the heroes a round of applause. The Pixl says to stay on their toes for what's ahead and that they must treasure life. Fate brought them together here and it will lend them it's power. His name is Dashell and he joins the party. The heroes can now move around at higher speeds than with Carrie, but without protection from spikes. Dashell says to dash and shuffle to dodge the fiercest attacks. He's survived many a battle by fleeing. He'll help them run into a more peaceful world. Use the pipe to exit and save your game. Congratulations! Now restock on Emergency Rations and head to B2 of Flopside.

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