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Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three

"I sought a prince, but nay! What I found were ancient men of hairy cheek." "'Twas a horror, yea, and one that left my breath stricken in my throat." Luvbi kept up this refrain as she traveled with our heroes. She seemed less than happy. Still, she DID have a lot of energy... "Hasten thy chubby legs! Times waits not for those who slack!" Luigi, on the other hand, was elated that he and his brother were finally reunited. But Peach and Bowser were still nowhere to be found... Were they safe? ... So thought our heroes as they made their way slowly to Underwhere Road.

Luvbi announces that they have reached Underwhere Road, the way out of The Underwhere. Tippi asks if they keep going upward, they'll eventually reach The Overthere. Luvbi says that is obvious. Her heart weeps to return to The Overthere without meeting her true love. She then asks Tippi if she believes in soul mates. Tippi stammers, but doesn't really answer. Luvbi marks her as "undecided" or "unrequited". Tippi stammers some more, but Luvbi says she was only tweaking Luvbi's chain. Luvbi decides to go on ahead, challenging them to catch her if they can. Tippi calls her an entirely unstable walking mood swing.

Go through the door and you'll enter a dark area. Move carefully as you'll be doing some vertical platforming. Luvbi will always be just ahead of you, so follow her. In the darkness, you may encounter Underhands, so be careful. There are a couple of flipping platforms in the area, as well as some Dark Boos, who can flip. About halfway up, drop down to the right to find a chest with a Dark Boo card. On the way, you'll find item blocks with some Mushrooms. At the top is a door that's sealed shut. Use Tippi's power on it and it starts talking. It notes that travelers have come. He informs the heroes that Queen Jaydes demands that he guard the door, as there are many monsters prowling about. He is Dorguy the First and, as a routine check, will ask some questions to determine if they are trustworthy. If all questions are answered correctly, he'll let them through. These are story problems, but you can largely ignore the story.
1. Who is the most powerful person in The Underwhere? Queen Jaydes
2. What is my name? Dorguy the First
3. How many times did I just say the word "apple"? 6 times
After answering the questions correctly, he lets them through.

The door leads to a room with two locked doors and a Save Block. The ground is shaking. When you have a decent amount of health, talk to the D-Men guarding one of the doors. They say they're busy. Tippi explains that they must reach The Overthere, but don't know the way. The D-Men say the left door will lead them to The Overthere, but they can't open it for them as they've trapped a raging beast, who escaped its prison, behind the door they're guarding. They've locked both doors down for security. Someone must subdue the beast, and if the heroes do it, they'll unlock the door. Agree and the D-Men say they were only joking, but ask if the bros are nuts when they realize they've agreed. They agree to let them through the door, saying they'll mail the hero's mustache to their next of kin. The predict that the hero's game is about to end and unlock the door.

Go through the door and you'll hear a familiar roar. The torches light up, revealing Bowser wondering where he is, why jerks in shades keep jumping him, and why it's so dark. He complains that Peach isn't here and he's hungry. He wonders what he did to deserve this. He notices that the bros are in the room and asks where everyone else is, including Peach. Tippi explains they don't know and they're looking for her. Bowser definitely doesn't like the fact that Peach isn't here and thinks the bros want to break them up. Tippi denies it, but Bowser decides to stomp the truth out of them. Bowser has 80 HP, 8 attack, and 2 defense. He'll charge at the bros or breathe fire. Don't stomp him without Carrie due to the spikes. Keep attacking and you'll eventually win. Bowser asks why he always loses and what's wrong with him. He says he always gets back up every time, as many times as it takes to send the bros to The Underwhere. Luigi says they're already there. Bowser asks if he looks like a guy who's game is over. Tippi explains that Dimentio's attack sent them here and that she and Merlon didn't know about any of them. Bowser finally realizes that Peach is really lost somewhere and asks why they didn't say so. They could've been searching for her this entire time. He rejoins the party.

The heroes leave the room and the D-Men note that their games aren't over, so they think the heroes ran away from the fight. They're shocked to learn that the beast has been defeated. They thank them, calling the heroes "prime go-getters". They give the heroes the Door Key and the other D-Men leave to take care of other things. The remaining D-Man says to have someone light the torches with fire, but the torches will go out eventually.

Unlock the door and have Bowser out, using Carrie's power to move faster. Use his fire breath to light the torches. The Underhands disappear in the light. This area contains a lot of vertical platforming in a narrow space, so if you fall, you may lose a lot of progress. There are Dry Bones and Dark Boos here to help you to that end. Be sure to light every torch in the vertical area, as they are few and far between. About halfway up, drop down to the right to find a pipe. You'll find many coins in the room, but they'll quickly disappear. Return to the dark room and you'll find a door at the top. Use Tippi's power on it to get Dorguy the Second to talk to you. He'll display colorful shapes on a screen and ask questions about what appears, but he won't tell you if you got a question correct.
1. How many red objects were there? 3
2. How many triangles were there? 2
3. What color were the moving objects? Blue
4. Off the top of your head, what number question is this? 4
5. What shape was the most plentiful? Triangles
Once you answer all the questions, he'll say the heroes have very young brain ages, so they must be good people.

Go through the door to find a locked door and a pink door. The pink door leads to the room of the three women. They each have a favor to ask. The only one you need to do is the pink one's, Hagra's. She'll ask you to get a book she lent a D-Man and she'll warp you to his location. Talk to him to get the Diet Book back. You'll still have to climb your way back up to return it to her. She'll give you the Door Key as a reward. The blue one, Hagnes, will ask you to listen to her story of how she romantically pursued Grambi, but lost to another. The green one, Hagitha, will sent you to a D-Man to check a TV recording. Tell him the correct show and climb back up. She rewards you with information on how to deal with an Underwhere beast called the Underchomp. If it's favorite music is played, it will fall asleep.

Unlock the door and you'll find some rocks and a set of ascending stairs. Light the torches so you can see, then use Mario to climb the stairs, so he can flip to avoid the Spiny Tromps rolling down. Super Jump to reach the door at the top. Dorguy the Third is here and he asks if he can get a little Underchomp. He can and it appears, a set of three Chomps, each a primary color. If the heroes are worthy, they should be able to beat it. Things turn into an Earthbound-style battle. Use Piccolo to put each Underchomp to sleep for a few turns, then attack with Bowser for the most damage. When they wake up, use Piccolo again. You'll get 6,000 points for winning. Dorguy the Third allows them through to reach the star.

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