Monday, September 1, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 6-1: Sammer Guy Showdown

Under the looming shadow of The Void, the world slowly drifted toward demise. But not all hope was lost: two Pure Hearts had yet to be found. Could our daring heroes find them? Or was the world doomed to be devoured? Mario, Peach, and Bowser ventured through the next door to find out.

The door leads to the Sammer's Kingdom, a place of Japanese architecture and music. Tippi notes that The Void is enormous here, much bigger than in Flipside. This dimension is close to destruction, so they must hurry. Go through the door on the right. Heronicus says he yields and is shamed. Someone says that he disgraces his family's honor and that he is an unworthy opponent. It is a man in armor, called a Sammer Guy. He is waiting for the hero of legend to show up, as time is running out. Walk on the stage and he says that the heroes wear crazy clothes. He is Jade Blooper, the guardian of the first gate. He will then battle the hero. Jade Blooper is a normal Sammer Guy who will hack at the heroes with his sword. Stomp on him, use Boomer, or use Bowser's fire breath to defeat him, ideally taking minimal damage.

Once you defeat him, he allows you to go to the next gate. Someone calls the battle splendid and comments on the heroes' performance and exotic garb. He is King Sammer, ruler of the Sammer Guys. He is amused by the heroes' fighting style and shows off his treasure, a Pure Heart. If the heroes defeat his 100 loyal vassals in a tournament, they will prove that they are the true heroes and get the Pure Heart.

Go to the next gate.
2. The next Sammer Guy is Hills With Eyes, a normal Sammer Guy with a sword.
3. Puffing Fist, a normal Sammer Guy with a sword.
4. Squatting Birdo, a normal Sammer Guy with a mace.
5. Leeping Cheep, a spiked normal Sammer Guy with a sword.
6. Master Wiggler, a normal Sammer Guy with a sword.
7. Shoe of Kuribo, normal with a mace.
8. Guy Who Fry, normal with a sword, who jumps.
9. Screaming Mantiss, normal with a mace.
10. Koopa in Winter, a large Sammer Guy with a club, who rolls.
11. Footsteps of Coin, a tiny Sammer Guy with a sword, who moves very quickly.
12. Urchin Lung, normal with a sword.
13. Crow Who Eats, normal with a sword, who creates shockwaves with his sword.
14. Swollen Tongue, spiked normal with a mace.
15. Slipping Grip, normal with a sword,who jumps.
16. Clammy Hand, normal with a sword, who jumps.
17. Forbidden Slap, normal with a sword, who jumps.
18. Hairy Arantula in the Grass, tiny with a sword, who moves very quickly.
19. Another Castle, normal with a sword, who jumps.
20. Rolling Thwomp, large with a club, who rolls.

After you defeat Rolling Thwomp, the ground shakes and The Void grows even larger. Tippi says they must hurry. "Hurry? Why not pause and savor the show? It is already far too late to stop... Count Bleck! BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! The prophecy unfolds smoothly, thanks to the Chaos Heart! The light of each world will be snuffed out one by one..." Tippi asks why he would do something so unspeakable. "You QUESTION Count Bleck?! This worthless world's destruction matters not! Far better for Count Bleck to wipe it out of existence than let it remain!" Tippi asks how he can say that, calling him horrible. "Count Bleck scoffs at you! An insignificant Pixl lectures Count Bleck on what is right and wrong?" Tippi calls it wrong and sick, and not up for discussion. She says he can't just erase living things, each with a priceless heart. "Of all things, you defend the heart? Nothing could be more worthless... All things... are meaningless. Aside from Timpani, no treasure mattered in the least to me..." Tippi stutters the name "Timpani". "Speak no more! This world is dying under the monocle gaze of... Count Bleck! But don't let that stop you from trying to find a Pure Heart you'll never acquire! BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK!" Count Bleck leaves, after revealing that he was in love with Timpani, the woman mentioned in the interludes.

Rolling Thwomp leaves to tell King Sammer that the world will go squish soon. You can now pass through the next five gates unhindered, as the ground shakes. At the end, is the star.

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