Thursday, August 28, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Interlude After Chapter 5

In Castle Bleck, O'Chunks is singing for Nastasia. It's a song about Count Bleck's greatness. Towards the end, he runs out of steam. Mimi appears, telling him to stop, saying he's breaking windows. Nastasia explains that she made O'Chunks come up with a nice motivational tone as a punishment for being defeated again. She's making him sing it 1,000 times. Mimi says Nastasia's more evil than she thought. She asks where the count is. She hasn't received a call to do anything and is bored. Mr. L drops in, saying Brobot is gassed up and ready to fight. Nastasia loves the enthusiasm, but tells him to shelve the robot action plan for the time being. Count Bleck left specific orders to stand by. Mimi can't believe they're supposed to wait for the hero to come get them. Mr. L says he'll leave to do other things if he's not needed. Nastasia is agitated, saying they aren't going anywhere, as Count Bleck's orders are absolute. She leaves. Mimi's bored and Mr. L says Brobot craves a daily smash and there's no action here. Dimentio says it's hard to stay still when one pines for sweet vengeance, but the count's orders are absolute and without exception. They shouldn't dare think about executing a secret sneak attack, even though defeating the hero would please the count. They MUST follow orders. Mimi remembers she has something to do and Mr. L says he must deflavorize Brobot's Flavorizer and they both leave. Dimentio says he must leave as well.

We now return to our serial drama of Timpani and Blumiere.
Blumiere: Look, Timpani. The stars are beautiful, aren't they?
Timpani: There's a tradition in my village. We believe that wishes on stars come true.
Blumiere: Oh, is that so? In that case, we'd better get wishing, don't you think?
Timpani: I don't need to wish anymore.
Blumiere: Mmm?
Timpani: I already have everything I need right here.
Blumiere: Timpani... Aren't you cold?
Timpani: Not at all. I'm very warm... Can we stay like this? Just a little longer?

Back in Flipside, Peach calls to Tippi, saying she's a little out of it. Tippi asks if they just heard something, but none of them did. She thought she remembered something very important, but the ground shakes and The Void grows larger. They need to open the door to the next world quickly. On the second floor and Merlon says they're back. The Void grows larger and some worlds may have started to decay already. He wonders how long Flipside will be spared. Tippi asks if the Light Prognosticus says how much time they have left and Merlon says it was only written to counter the Dark Prognosticus, so it's not truly prophetic. It's hard to say how much time they have left, but it's probably not much. Tippi says they can only go forward and can't wait for worlds to end. Merlon has a message from Nolrem, saying that a Heart Pillar has been spotted on the outskirts of Flopside. In the meanwhile, he'll look into the Light Prognosticus for clues.

On the second floor of Flopside, go into the Fortune Teller's house and you'll find Merlee's moved in. Merlee asks them for a favor: she lost her crystal ball in her move over here and Merluvlee in Flipside uses the same kind. She wants the heroes to ask her for one. She says this won't take long, but it's a long sidequest. Merluvlee says she's in training and Bestovius has some useful equipment. She asks them to get it for her. Go to Chapter 1-1 and ask Bestovius for the Training Equipment. He says he lent Old Man Watchitt a You-Know-What and wants it back. Go to Chapter 1-2 and go to Watchitt's house. He says he's been seeing a strange lady in his dreams who talks a lot and needed help with something. He describes her as looking like Merlumina. He says she needs to get out of his dreams and if the heroes help her, he'll give them anything. Since she's been in his dreams many times, he's become a fan and wants her autograph. Go to Chapter 1-4 and find Merlumina again. She says it's a pleasure to meet them again. They ask why she's still here and she says she couldn't fall asleep after sleeping for so long, so she sent out her frustrations telepathically. They reached someone in a nearby town of Ancient blood. She says she did it when she was single to meet people. She tells a long story, which makes the heroes fall asleep. She thinks that Watchitt is hard of hearing, which made her sad and unable to sleep. She says she used to fall asleep to lullabies and tells another long story. All this talking is making her drowsy and the heroes' plan to make her sleepy by making her talk was brilliant. She starts fading, but the heroes remember to ask for her autograph. Give it to Watchitt, who gives you Bestovius's You-Know-What. Give it to Bestovius for the Training Machine and give that to Merluvlee, who gives you the crystal ball. She says to tell Merlee that they're even now. Merlee give you a free charm and a Random House Key. Get your charm first and go for the Special Package, as it lasts the longest. Go to the first floor of Flopside and unlock the locked house. There's a large chest. It's time to get funky. A Pixl says, "Doodly-doo!" then makes animal and car noises. All things sing and to live is to make music, according to the Pixl. Her name is Piccolo and heard their footsteps, which isn't their essence. She joins the party with the ability to make different music based on the character, with the ability to remove curses.

Go to the third floor of Flipside using the pipe on the second floor. There's a red rock with Piccolo drawn on it. Use her power near the rock to reveal a chest with a Merlee card. Go to the second floor of Flopside and use Tippi's power to reveal some blocks under the pipe. Use the pipe to reach the third floor and go to the left to find a similar block. Use Piccolo's power to reveal a chest with the Nolrem card. Go to B2 and flip to find Welderberg on the right. He'll build you a pipe from here to the second floor of Flopside for 100 coins. Go to the outskirts on the second floor and use Cudge to break the yellow block. This makes a pipe appear. Take it down to the first floor outskirts. Take the pipe in the area down to B1, then another to B2. Behind the pipe is a yellow switch that makes the wall disappear. There's a large chest with the Power Plus. Use it to permanently boost your attack by 1. Drop down the gap to the left and you'll find a chest with a Barry card.

Go back to the first floor outskirts and flip in front of the sign. Follow the path and use Dottie to go under the rock formation. There's a square stone that's actually a yellow block. Hit it to make a red switch appear. Stand on it to make a Heart Pillar appear. Place the Pure Heart to make a blue door. Nolrem says at the Duel of 100, the hero will meet with dark powers of purest chaos. If the hero falls to the 100, the chaos world grows and the Purity Heart fades. The hero will falls to the world where games are ended. He deciphered this part of the Light Prognosticus, which says that if they fail to pass the duels, all worlds are ruined. Their lives and the Purity Heart will be lost. Although this message may discourage them, he must still send them forth as they can not nothing else. Stock up on healing items before going starting the next chapter.

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