Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency

Mario and the gang cruised through space, led by the young alien named Squirps. What kind of creature was it, anyway? And what was with those weird noises? Whenever confronted with a question, it would say, "Squirps is Squirps, SQUAAK!" All they could do was trust that he knew where the Pure Heart was and follow him.. They were doing just that when something appeared ahead of them. It was a teeny-tiny planet...

Tippi mentions that this planet, Planet Blobule, is on the small side. She asks where Squirps is taking them. Squirps says the entrance to the Space Byway, a shortcut to the Pure Heart, is here. Tippi asks where the entrance is and Squirps says he forgot. Everyone falls on their face. Bowser knew something was off. Squirps reassures them that everything's fine and that there should be some clues around here. Suddenly, Squirps says he has to go to the bathroom and runs off. Tippi suggests they look for clues.

Planet Blobule has lower gravity than other worlds, so you can jump much higher. Go right to find Squirps standing outside a portable toilet. He says it's occupied and whoever's in there won't come out. Knock on the door and someone starts singing. They've been sitting there, waiting for them. They arrived 100 years ago and have been in there ever since because there is no toilet paper. They ask for any piece of paper.

Since the heroes don't have any paper, head to the right. There are rectangular enemies called Longators, who stretch their necks to attack. To the right, on the other side of the hill is a locked door. Flip to find some coins behind a hill. You'll come across a deep valley you can't get out of to the right. Flip to reveal steps in the hill. At the top, you'll find two mustached statues with a crack in the sky. It's called a Space Rift. Drop down to the right and flip for an Ultra Shroom Shake. The nearby brick block is actually a coin block. Go up and to the right and have Boomer blow up the brick blocks in front of the door.

There's a Save Block on the other side of the door. Jump to the right, then flip and use Slim to get past the hill. The item block on the other side contains a Happy Flower. You'll also find blue spring enemies called Boing-Oings. When you hit them, they split into 3 smaller versions. Go up and left for a switch. This makes blocks appear so you can come back here more easily. To the right, you'll find helicopter-like enemies called Choppas. Go up and over the gap. There are some green doors in the area. They are the front doors to the houses of aliens living on the planet. The one that lives here says to talk to the elder about the treasure. Keep going right and you'll find a brick block with Pal Pills. Up and above is a pipe that leads to an area with many coins. Flip for more. Drop down to the right for a door.

You'll find Hooligons in this area, snakes made of squares. Their heads are their weak points, but they'll lose squares off their tail if they're hit on their tail. In the item blocks, you'll find a Fast Flower and a Slow Flower. The alien door leads to another residents house. Keep going to the right and flip for a hole in the rock wall. There's a Zombie Shroom in an item block. Go through the door and you'll find item blocks with a Super Shroom and Mega Star. Use the Mega Star to clear out the Beepboxers and Fuzzies. Go through the door and you'll find more Beepboxers. They'll shoot sound waves at you. Ice Cherbils are also here. Flip behind a pipe for some Space Food. At the end, on some blocks, is a third alien door. The elder lives here. His name is Blappy and he's a 72 year-old explorer. He hunted the big treasure of space. He found a clue in some space ruins. He offers the clue for 1,000 coins. Refuse and he offers it for 100 coins. Refuse and he offers it for 10 coins. Accept the offer. He hands over the Ancient Clue, which says, "By rock man's noggin, when outer space is reversed, the door secret hides".

Take the Ancient Clue back to the portable toilet and hand it over to the occupant. Fleep, the occupant, says it has awaited the paper and flushes it. Fleep, a rectangular Pixl with a tail, leaves and Squirps goes into the portable toilet. Fleep is feeling relief and calls it a miracle. He's feeling good. He asks who brings him happiness. Fleep says Pixls are helpful, but they don't choose their masters. He has a passion to be used for something, so he waited here. He joins the party, allowing you to turn over sections of the screen. Something may be hiding there. Fleep says on the back side of sad is happy, which they will find together. Squirps leaves the portable toilet, so they can leave. Go over to the mustached statue with the Space Rift. Use Fleep on it by pressing (1), moving Fleep where you want to flip the screen, and press (1) again. A Door Key will drop down. Pick it up and go to the locked door to the left. It leads to an area with Fuzzies and the star.

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