Monday, August 25, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets, and Crag

In pursuit of the abducted Cragnons, Mario and Co. headed for the Gap of Crag. What did the Floro Sapiens want? And where was King Croacus with the Pure Heart? Despite their hustling pace, our heroes never caught sight of the Floro Sapiens. But Mario didn't give up. He knew his fleet feet would catch them eventually.

In the Gap of Crag, Tippi says they've finally caught up with the Floro Sapiens, who have just gone through a door. Go to the right and you'll find Pokeys. Don't jump on them without Carrie. Farther to the right is a pool of water with Cheep-Cheep that can flip. Drop down to the bottom and you'll find a chest with the Water Tablet. Get out of the water and go through the door. The Floro Sapiens go through a pipe that is covered with a large yellow block. Go left and you'll find Clubbas. Flip behind the blocks for a switch that draws in a hill under the door.

Go through the door and you'll find more Pokeys and a Rawbus. There's also a Tech Cursya, which prevents you from using a hero's special abilities, so Mario can't flip if cursed. Flip in the area where you find the Tech Cursya and you'll find many item blocks, as well as a path. Drop down and have Bowser breathe fire on the flame-shaped rock to make the Fire Tablet appear. Go back up and get the items from the item blocks. There's a Slow Flower, Fast Flower, Happy Flower, Ghoul Shroom, Zombie Shroom, and some Pal Pills. I also encountered a Megabite, a flying skull with 4 HP and 1 attack. They only take 1 HP per hit, but fly off eventually. Go back to the left and use Fleep on the Space Rift to make a switch appear. Hit it to draw some rocks in so you can go back the way you came.

Go to the right and you'll find two invisible blocks over some item blocks. Both invisible blocks contain Mushrooms. Cross the gap and go through the door and someone says they've showed at last. It's O'Chunks, complaining that he hasn't been made to wait like that since a girl stood him up. He accuses the heroes of doing that to try to break his concentration, which he considers cheating. He won't fall for it. Tippi calls him misguided, which O'Chunks says isn't even a real word. Tippi tells him to step aside as this battle will end the same way as the first. O'Chunks wants an apology written with their faces. Dimentio sends his greetings, saying they meet again like two large, hairy Vikings on a storm-tossed schooner. O'Chunks says he doesn't need Dimentio's help and that Dimentio will only get in the way. Dimentio insists he won't be a hindrance and is only here because he has an acquaintance in this world. He dropped in to say hello and thought his magic could aid in the fight. He sends them to a new dimension and leaves them to fight to their hearts' content. O'Chunks has 40 HP and 2 attack. Pick him up with Thoreau and throw him, then stomp. Throw him into a corner so you can better combo stomp him. He has a spinning attack and can also charge at you. Once you defeat him, you return to the Gap of Crag.

He says being beaten twice is too much to bear and he can't show his face to the count. He asks them to put him out of his misery. His only regret was not confessing his love to that girl, but says that's not the way brave warriors talk when the time comes. He orders them to end his game. Dimentio reappears, asking how things are going. O'Chunks says that this is important and wants some privacy. Dimentio says O'Chunk's honor must be satisfied, so he asks him to humor him for a little. Dimentio thinks it's something O'Chunks would enjoy and asks him to try it out. O'Chunks calls him a crazed loon, saying this isn't the time for it. Dimentio asks if this isn't the time for something that would aid Count Bleck. O'Chunks says if it's for the count, that changes things. He agrees and says he's letting the heroes off easy and that they should work on their skills. Tippi asks what happened to him not showing his face to the count. O'Chunks lives for the count and couldn't end his game without the count's express permission. O'Chunks is all brawn and no brain and his past means nothing. The only thing that matters is Count Bleck's future. Dimentio and O'Chunks leave.

To the right is a rock. Flip into 3D and you'll see the rock is shaped like Yoshi. Run around it in a circle to make the Stone Tablet appear on the rock's nose. You'll have to be in 3D to get it. Go back through the door and climb the tall rock, then the blocks high into the sky. Jump from the top block to hit an invisible block with a ladder. Climb the ladder, then, while standing on the blocks at the top of the ladder, flip to reach the blocks above it. Up here are places for the tablets. Place them in the following arrangement: Stone, Water, Fire. There's some shaking and someone says, "Hey yo!" It's time to get funky again. It's a hammer-shaped Pixl. It's not getting a response from the heroes, so it asks if they're ignoring it or was that a "Yes"? It then begs, "PLEASE TALK TO ME!" Agree to talk to it and it says it's been a while since it heard voices or talked. It says you must tell people how you feel or they won't know and you must talk or no one hears. It asks for the hero's motto. Enter your favorite word. It thinks it's a good word, then flies up and shouts it to the world. It feels like it knows them now and calls it inspiring. It hasn't felt like this in while and it's like when it became a Pixl. It'll stick around with the heroes. His name is Cudge, the hammer Pixl. Swing Cudge for some serious damage, which allows you to break things like giant yellow blocks. Cudge says he has lots of pent-up energy.

Drop down to the right and break the giant yellow block. This makes the pipe reappear. It leads to a cave. Float to the right and flip to find a chest with a Stone Buzzy card. Drop down to the star.

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