Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space

Through the fierce battle against Francis, Tippi and the Mario gang grew closer. Behind a fourth door lay a whole new world that beckoned to them both. What awaited was vaster and stranger than anything they'd encountered so far. In order to claim the Pure Heart, they would have to endure new, far-out trials...

Stars are drawn in to reveal space. Tippi mentions they're in outer space and the hero flails. Tippi notices that space lacks air, which the heroes need. Tippi panics and tries to think of a way out. They flash out of space and back to Flipside. Tippi tells them to wake up and is thankful they're alright. She doesn't know how she got them out of there, as it just happened. She says to ask Merlon about dealing with space.

Go into Merlon's house and he's impressed that they're back so soon. Tippi explains that the door led to space and Merlon calls that an unwelcome surprise. Tippi asks what they can do, as none of the heroes can breathe in space. Merlon says they need a space helmet, but he doesn't have one. He has something like one, which should suffice, but he cleaned out his shelves earlier and gave it to a boy in Flipside who should have it. They should talk to the boy to get it back.

Go to the third floor of Flipside and you'll see a boy with a fishbowl and a fish. He says Merlon gave it to him because Captain Gills outgrew the cup he was keeping him in. Now even the fishbowl is too small. He asks the heroes to find a place to set the Captain free, then they can have the fishbowl. Go to B1 of Flipside and walk right to the channel of water. Release Captain Gills and the fishbowl will be empty and ready to use as a space helmet.

Go through the green door again and put on the space helmet. Press (A) to swim around in space. You can go up and down, left and right. In 3D, you can only go left and right and forwards and backwards, not up and down, so if there's something you want to interact with in 3D, line yourself up vertically in 2D.

Something is sending out an SOS. Find where the SOS is coming from, then use Tippi's power to reveal a spaceship hidden in a sparkly area. It shakes and reveals a small, green creature. It greets the heroes and Tippi asks who it is, wondering if it's some sort of alien. It asks if they're looking for the Pure Heart, saying they're cuter than it thought. Tippi asks how it knows about the Pure Heart. It introduces itself is Squirps and will now be their captain. They will work together to reach the Pure Herat. Tippi wants an explanation, but Squirps can't tell them much, so they must trust him and follow him. Tippi disagrees, but Squirps says they must heed their captain, as they are space grunts. He says they will "squarp" to the Pure Heart. It's like warping, but he invented it. He needs energy to "squarp", so hold (A) to build up enough power and release (A). Squirps unleashes a burst of energy that creates a hole. Go through it to reach another part of space. Squirps says they're nowhere near the Pure Heart and that they didn't give him enough power. For now, they must space-swim. He'll provide some offense, so press (2) when you want to shoot enemies with the Squirps Squirt Beam.

In space, you'll encounter Jelliens, orange jellyfish-like enemies. They have 4 HP and 2 attack. You'll also find green and purple enemies with blue particles orbiting them. They are Fotons and there's a card of them behind one of the rocks. They have 8 HP and 2 attack. Go through either the right or the left warp, then go through the far right warp. Behind a rock, you'll find a card for a Warpid, an enemy of pure energy that warps through space. They are circular enemies with wavy energy lines surrounding them. They have 10 HP and 2 attack and will pursue you if they see you. Go to the warp on the left. You'll find a mushroom constellation in the background. Flip to find a warp behind a rock. It takes you to the background where there's a pipe. Go through it to find an area with many coins. Flip to find more. Return to the foreground and go right for the star.

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