Sunday, August 24, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 5-1: Downtown of Crag

Still worried about Tippi's condition, Mario and friends opened the fifth door. They still need to find three Pure Hearts... But the imminent destruction of the world was approaching at an alarming pace. Would Mario have enough time to save the day? And what foul trick would Count Bleck and his goons come up with next? This adventure grew more dangerous... and more thrilling... with every step.

This world is filled with rocks and mountains. People appear below and the door appears in midair. Tippi says the view from midair is nice, but she can't see the Pure Heart. She suddenly realizes that they're in midair and gravity kicks in. The people below sing to Big Rock Who Watches. They are the Cragnons and they need help. They ask Big Rock Who Watches to hook them up. The heroes land before them. Tippi asks if they're alright. One Cragnon asks if the other saw a person fall out of the sky. The Cragnons think the hero has a funny shape and may be sent down from Big Rock Who Watches. They carry off the heroes, while Tippi tells them in vain to stop.

The heroes are taken to the house of the chief, Marbald. Tippi asks what the Cragnons are and where they are. The chief says they are in the land of Cragnons, who are in danger. He says freak plant-people that a nerd Cragnon named the Floro Sapiens came and kidnapped many Cragnons. The Cragnons were peaceful, but he says the Floro Sapiens didn't give peace a chance. They sent out a rescue team, but even they need rescuing. Marbald has no idea how to save his people and if they aren't saved, the Cragnons will go extinct. He wants them to hook them up by saving the kidnapped Cragnons and pruning the Floro Sapiens. The heroes agree to help. A Cragnon enters, saying King Croacus has returns and more village Cragnons have been kidnapped.

Leave Marbald's house to enter Downtown of Crag. The other villagers are afraid and won't open their doors. Walk to the right to leave town and a Floro Sapien walks up, saying it hasn't seen anyone like them before. He thinks they may be a rare breed of Cragnon and King Croacus would be happy to have a rare breed of Cragnon be his Pure Heart polisher. Floro Sapiens attack by throwing their heads. Stomp on the stalks to defeat them. You can also repel the head with Barry and it will fly back and hit them and anyone behind it. Tippi says they must find the Floro Sapien's leader to find the Pure Heart. Someone calls for help. Floro Sapiens are carrying Cragnons off through the door. Go through the door and back and the villagers will appear. One of them is standing on the rock over the water, saying that the Cragnons throw their trash into the river to make it go away and return to nature. They say not to waste trash.

Go through the door and the Floro Sapiens run to the left. There are Bony Beetles here, as well as a Back Cursya, which will take you back to Flipside instantly. There are also Putrid Piranhas, who have poison breath. Moon Clefts are also here. They have high defense which drops to zero when they're flipped over. Boomer is very effective against them. Go through the pipe on the right to find Shlorps. They have 3 attack and will be defeated if they eat Boomer a couple of times. Defeat them to make a chest appear with a Bowser (2) card. Return and go left. The item block has a Happy Flower. Go to the top of the hill, then drop left down to the bottom. Flip for a chest with a Moon Cleft card. Go back up the hill and float across the top. On the other side are three blocks. Hit them in the following order: left, right, middle. This makes a pipe appear.

Go through the pipe and you'll see the Floro Sapiens still carrying off some Cragnons in the background. There are many Muths here, woolly mammoth-like creatures with 100 HP and 5 attack. They'll charge at you. The best way to attack them is with Bowser's flames, but you can stomp them for bonus stylish points. They may drop Bone-in Cuts. At the end are three blocks. The order you have to hit the blocks is much more complicated: middle, right, left, left right, middle, right, left, right, right, middle, right, right, left, middle, middle, left, left, left, right, left, left, left, middle, middle. This makes a pipe to the background appear. Walk to the right behind the rock to find a pipe to the foreground, where you'll find the star.

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