Monday, August 18, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Interlude After Chapter 3

In Castle Bleck, all of Bleck's minions are present. Dimentio explains how he was defeated by the heroes, saying that they're very strong. He thinks they may be able to defy the prophecy. "Spare Count Bleck your theatrics. The Light Prognosticus is false. The Dark Prognosticus holds the answer to eliminating heroes that rise to stop us." Dimentio says it's the first time he's heard something like that and wants more information. "Bleh heh heh heh heh... In due time, Dimentio. In due time. Oh, Nastasia? It's time we set "him" on these pests." Nastasia says she'll take care of that. "Lovely, exclaimed Count Bleck. Return to your posts, my dear minions." The minions hail him and leave. Nastasia mumbles something. "Does something trouble you, Nastasia?" She says there's still time for him to change his mind. "That is enough, Nastasia. We've already come this far, so we shall forge on! But you needn't stay by Count Bleck's side. You can depart with my blessing." She says she'll stay until her game end, as her life was sworn to him since the day he saved her. "If that pleases you..." Both of the leave. Someone says that Nastasia and Count Bleck have such deep conversations. It's Dimentio, wondering what the count is playing at. In the meanwhile, he'll attend to his own projects.

We now return to the story of Timpani and Blumiere.
Blumiere: Timpani, why? Why do you avoid me?
Timpani: Ow... OW! Unhand me!
Blumiere: Huh? You're crying! Why? Timpani, you must tell me what has happened!
Timpani: It's nothing... Don't worry about it... Just forget it...
Blumiere: Oh no... Timpani, is my father behind this?
Timpani: I'm... I'm just an ordinary girl. No matter how much I love you, we must part.
Blumiere: Timpani... I...
Timpani: This is good-bye, Blumiere. There's no other choice. This is our fate...

The heroes return to Flipside through the yellow door. Tippi says things were weird for a while, but they got through it okay. She apologizes, saying what happened was her fault and thanks them. Bowser says she can thank him by staying out of his way. Peach wonders if Bowser is their third hero. Merlon, who has been waiting for them, asks if they found the next Pure Heart. Mario explains that it appeared when they saved Tippi. Merlon finds this interesting, explaining that Fort Francis once was a dwelling of the ancients. He says his ancestors roamed far and wide in their dimensional travels. He quotes the Light Prognosticus, which says that in a castle beyond a great sea, they hid a Pure Heart and sealed it. The seal can only be broken by a powerful pulse of love and trust. Peach thinks they found the Pure Heart because Tippi began to trust them. Merlon says they now have three heroes, but he does not know the identity of the fourth. He'll keep searching. Bowser says with him, they don't need anyone else. Merlon's happy Bowser will help protect the group, when The Void expands. Their time grows ever shorter. Tippi says they must find the next Heart Pillar and Merlon says he'll keep searching through the Light Prognosticus.

Before finding the next Heart Pillar, go back through the yellow door to 3-1. Check the shrub to make the Pixl appear again. He asks if they want to hear the tips again. Tippi says it's not necessary, since she has been saved. He can't believe they defeated Francis, which is huge news. He's glad to have helped, but since there's not need to stay here and give out tips, he has nothing to do now. He decides to join the party, like it or not. He's Barry, who'll create a spiky barrier around the heroes, which can damage enemies and block attacks. Return to Flipside.

Go to the second floor outskirts and you'll find posts to pound with Thudley. Flip to see which posts should be up and which should be down. They should be down, up, down, up, down. This makes a Heart Pillar appear. Place the green Pure Heart in the Heart Pillar and a green door appears on Flipside Tower.

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