Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 4-3: The Gates of Space

Mario and friends headed to the Space Bypass in search of the Pure Heart. How did Squirps know about this secret route? Our heroes stared suspiciously at him. "Why are you staring like that?" said Squirps. "Are you falling for Squirps?!" In the darkness of space, the eyes of Squirps glinted mischievously...

Back in space, Squirps says that this is the Space Bypass, which allows them to enter the Whoa Zone. Tippi demands answers. Squirps says the Whoa Zone is a prohibited zone that some call the "Space Graveyard". It's a complicated maze and those who enter never leave. The Pure Heart is supposedly at the back of the maze. Tippi asks how he knows this and who he is, calling him an incontinent little imp. Squirps's stomach growls. He's hungry, so he tells the heroes to quickly find the entrance.

This part of space is called The Outer Limits. Flip behind the brick blocks for a shooting star. There are spinning rectangles called Hedrons. They are indestructible and hurt you if you come into contact with them. There's a Mushroom in the item block. Flip the red "X" to make a gate appear. There's a Squirps-shaped hole in the gate. Squirps wants to be squished into the hole. Help him out and a door appears. This is one of the space gates that leads to the Whoa Zone. You'll find another one through the door, but this gate has two holes. Save using the nearby Save Block, then go through the warp on the right.

The warp leads to a large area of space with many blue warps. There's a Ghost Shroom behind some brick blocks and if you swim up, you'll find a Catch Card SP. There's a warp high up, on the right. Go through it and you'll find a shop called Twinkle Mart. The shop's clerk says they're the first customer since the store opened. Twinkle Mart sells three kinds of chocolate bars. Get what you like for yourself, but get a Sweet Choco-bar at the minimum. Warp back. Go through the warp on the far left twice to find an area with rings of coins, then return to the gate using the purple warp. Squirps wants to be twisted into the hole this time. The gate shakes, but nothing happens. Squirps says he needs to eat something yummy. Give him the Sweet Choco-bar. Squirps says he's a gourmand when it comes to chocolate, so he doubts he'll like the cheapest chocolate bar. He ends up loving it and splitting in two. The two Squirps fit in both holes, making the door appear. After the door appears, they reform into a singular unit. Squirps says he got carried away. Go through the door to the star.

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