Saturday, August 23, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Interlude After Chapter 4

In Castle Bleck, all of the minions have gathered. Nastasia introduces Mr. L, a new minion from a key competitor. Mr. L's not impressed with the minion quality here and says the other minions were trounced because they were "Junior" quality. This enrages O'Chunks, who says he'll introduce Mr. L to Fist Jr. and his pal Slappie. Mimi says Mr. L was soundly defeated, so maybe he's "Junior" quality. Mr. L says he was scouting his target and that he'll win next time. The heroes shall know the fury of the Green Thunder, but in the meantime, Brobot needs repairs and modifications. He leaves, saying "L-ater!" Though the mad in red shall wield formidable powers, one shall stand against him. The man in green shall use the Chaos Heart's power to bring darkness to all. Bleh heh heh heh heh... So it is written in the Dark Prognosticus," says Count Bleck. Dimentio asks if the "man in green" the prophecy mentioned is the new minion, Mr. L. O'Chunks thinks that makes no sense. "Calm yourself, O'Chunks. Make ready. Count Bleck is sending you on a new mission." This makes more sense to O'Chunks, who says the hero has a hot date with his feet. He leaves. Dimentio calls O'Chunks hot-blooded, which may be something to be admired. He leaves as well. Mimi's upset that she doesn't get to participate this time and leaves.

Nastasia hates to seem like a whistleblower, but trails off saying something about O'Chunks possibly being inadequate. She thinks the other minions may not be up to the task as well. She thinks the hero will collect the Pure Hearts and come here to deal with Count Bleck. "Bleh heh heh heh heh... All is according to plan, Count Bleck assures you." Nastasia says it's strange that Count Bleck was made to destroy the universe, as no one ever cherished it like he once did. "That's quite enough, Nastasia." Nastasia mumbles about something she could have done. "You'd what?" asked Count Bleck. She says things would have been different if only she could have been that girl. Count Bleck shakes his head, saying, "She cannot be replaced. You could never hope to do so, Nastasia."Nastasia apologizes, saying the thought just slipped out. "To be sure... She is gone... Gone from all worlds, never to return..." He leaves and Nastasia lowers her head in disappointment.

We now return to the serial drama of Timpani and Blumiere.
Timpani: What... What are you thinking? There's no possible way... No one would allow it!
Blumiere: If we can't be happy here, we must leave for a place that will accept our love.
Timpani: But, Blumiere, is there such a place? Think... I can't bear to see you hurt again.
Blumiere: If our love has no home... let us spend our lives searching together! So I beg of you again... Timpani, marry me! I promise I will make you happy.
Timpani: You... just won't give up, will you? Of all the crazy... stubborn... foolish men...
Blumiere: Timapni, answer me, please!
Timpani: Blumiere, I love you. Take me away. Take me to a world where we can be happy.

Back in Flipside, Tippi calls the five Pure Hearts they have quite a collection. Bowser says they can't go wrong with the king of all evil on their side. Tippi is grateful and says they owe Squirps. Peach says there's something different about Tippi recently, saying she's more cheerful, which is a nice change. Tippi says she's feeling really good ever since they saved her from Francis and could hang around Mario forever. Merlon asks if they found the Pure Heart in space. Tippi is about to answer, but suddenly flashes, and, in pain, falls to the ground, twitching.

Merlon brings everyone to his house, concerned that Tippi may not maintain her Pixl form much longer. Noting their confusion, he explains that Tippi was not always a Pixl. He found her in her true form, exhausted, barely alive, cursed to wander through dimensions forever. Merlon took a desperate measure and used his ancestors' magic to transform her soul into a Pixl. Tippi lost her memory and Merlon had no idea who she was or where she was from, but knew she was not there by chance. The ground shakes and Merlon says The Void is growing larger and such tremors are common. The situation grows more dire. Merlon wonders if the Light Prognosticus's events really forestall the foretold doom. He'll watch over Tippi while the heroes find the Heart Pillar.

Go to the first floor of Flipside and flip to go to the back area, where the card shop is. Flip the Space Rift on the wall for a switch that reveals a doorway. Flip to go through it and you'll reach the entrance to Mirror Hall. In here are eight switches and stained glass windows of the Ancients. Hit each switch only once, in whatever order. The mirror shatters allowing you to flip through the doorway. Go out through the other door.

The music here is an octave lower. This place looks like a mirror image of Flipside. Flip to leave the Mirror Hall, then flip to go through the left side of the wall. Go into the house on the left side and flip to find Cooking Disk Y on the table. Go up to the second floor and you'll find Merlon wearing a gray robe. He welcomes them, saying he knew they would come eventually. He explains that they are no longer in Flipside because they flip-flopped sides. They are now in Flopside. Because of this, he is not the Merlon they know, but an entirely different version. They can call him Nolrem. The story here was always of two towns, but only he and Merlon know that the other town exists. He says there's a front and a back to all things.

Flopside is similar to Flipside, but its residents seem a little more laid-back and carefree. Flip on the second floor to find Welderberg. He'll charge 300 coins to build a pipe connecting the second floors of Flipside and Flopside. It's a good idea. Go up to the third floor and you'll find a Heart Pillar to the right. This makes a light blue door appear on Flipside Tower. Nolrem delivers a message from Merlon, saying Tippi has been revived and they're waiting on Flipside Tower. Go over there and Tippi says she's feeling better and wants to continue on in the adventure. She says there's no time to stay in bed and she wants to be near Mario. Merlon will not hold her back, as the heroes need the knowledge she possesses. He bids the heroes to take care of her.

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