Friday, August 22, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L

Mario and his friends took the Space Byway and merged into the Whoa Zone. Known to some as the Space Graveyard, it was said to consume all who entered it. "Just a little bit longer... We'll be arriving soon," said young Squirps. With his unblinking eyes glimmering, Squirps continued to forge onward. Would Mario and his friends get their hands on the Pure Heart at long last?

In the Whoa Zone, Squirps scurries on ahead. He says to follow him when they can. It's a super-complicated maze, so you'll need to pay attention. He'll meet them at the Pure Heart. Tippi can't believe he left them, but feels the Pure Heart. Go through the door. You'll find Tileoid Ys, which move quickly, and Tileoid Rs, which have more HP, here. The item block contains a Happy Flower. Go right and you'll find an item block with a Mushroom. Stand on the upper platform and flip. You'll find a door only visible in 3D. There are a few more like it in the Whoa Zone.

The door leads to a room with a Slow Flower in an item block and Pigarithms. They move from side to side. Hit them three times to defeat them, but after each hit, they move faster. Defeating them will give you many coins. Float to the left side for a door. There's a Barribad here, an enemy that creates a barrier around itself. Flip to get around the barrier and defeat it. The chest next to it contains a Dimension Key. Go back to where the Happy Flower was and go through door in 2D. You'll find more Pigarithms here. Flip to find some stairs. At the top of the stairs is a locked door. Unlock it.

The door leads to a room where you'll be walking on the ceiling. Walk to the right and go through the other door on the ceiling. The door leads to you to the left wall. Go up the wall, using Peach to float across the gap. Go past the first door you see and go through the door near the ceiling. On the other side of the door, you'll be right-side up. Go down the stairs and flip to go behind them. Drop down to the lower level and hit the arrow block to end up upside-down. This will allow you to go through the door. This leads to a room with a door visible only in 3D. You'll be upside down in this room as well. Go through the door and you'll find a locked door that's right side up and a hidden pipe you can't reach. On the ceiling is a chest with a Dimension Key.

Go back to the room where you're standing on the left wall. Go through the middle door this time. This will take you to the room's right wall. Walk down the wall to a lower door. This takes you to the room with the chest on the ceiling, locked door, and hidden pipe. Flip to reach the pipe, which leads to a room with coins and a coin block. Unlock the locked door. It leads to a room with an arrow block. Hit it, then go to the right. Use Tippi's power to find an invisible door in the corner.

The door leads to a room where the arrow block allows you to rotate 90 degrees in a clockwise fashion. Hit it to go to the left wall. Go up the wall to reach another arrow block. Hit it twice: once while on the left wall, and again when on the ceiling. On the right wall, go down to reach a door. The door leads to the left wall of a different room. Run down the wall to reach a door that leads to the floor. There are some item blocks with Super Shrooms and a Zombie Shroom. The other door on the floor leads to the ceiling. Walk to the left on the ceiling for a chest with a Dimension Key. Go back to the room with the rotating arrow blocks. Go through the door on the ceiling. It leads to a room with a Save Block and a locked door.

On the other side of the door, Squirps calls them slowpokes. He was tired of waiting and almost gave up on them. He says the Pure Heart is ahead. Someone says that Squirps did well and is a smart kid. Squirps is embarrassed, but wonders who said that. A masked man in a green cap with a backwards "L" and black clothes drops in and lands on his head. Tippi asks who he is and he introduces himself as one of Count Bleck's more promising minions, the Green Thunder, Mr. L. He spins and poses with his arms in an "L" shape. He knows it's a cool name. He'll give the heroes a burial in space. Mr. L has 40 HP and 3 attack. He can use a high jump attack and a super jump attack. The easiest way to defeat him is to stand still and use Barry every time he gets close. He'll use Shroom Shakes to heal. Use Thoreau to grab them to keep him from healing and add them to your inventory. Once defeated, he says he's impressed. He then summons his metal bro, which rips through the wall. It's a robot shaped like Mr. L's head and he calls it Brobot. He says they have a spiritual bond. The gravitational laws of space allow for the full realization of Brobot's potential. Everyone goes into space. Brobot will shoot missiles and try to inhale and chew up the heroes. It also shoots beams. Squirps becomes your weapon again. There are many bars floating around that act as power-ups. They can increase your speed, create two Squirps, increase your power, and allow you to shoot missiles. Keep attacking Brobot, but also keep moving. Once you defeat Brobot, Mr. L says that doesn't make any sense. He lets the heroes off the hook for the rest of the day. Fortune will smile on him next. He leaves, and leaves the heroes finding him familiar.

Squirps appears, saying that was awful. They have to pull together, as the Pure Heart is just ahead. Go through the door and you'll hear Squirps talking to his mother. He says he brought the heroes here. He's talking to a statue of his mother, the Queen of Squirpia, Squirpina XIV. Squirps is the princess of the once-great Squirpia kingdom and his full name is Squirp Korogaline Squirpina. He couldn't tell the heroes any of that as it would make him a target. His mother told him destruction would comes to the world and they needed the Pure Heart to protect them. They hid it in the Whoa Zone 1,500 years ago where no one would find it. Squirps was placed in a hibernation capsule and was meant to bring the hero here to protect the world. He delivers a message from the queen, bestowing the Pure Heart in the hopes that the hero will save the world. He gives them the light blue Pure Heart and the Pixls dance.

End Of Chapter
"Phew! Now that Squirps is all relaxed, Squirps feels kinda... tired..." said Squirps. And with that, Squirps lay down before the statue of his beloved mother. "Mother..." he said, his voice soft. "I did my best, right? Are you... proud... of me?" Then... slowly... young Squirps closed his eyes... The mission had weighed heaving on his tiny back and he was proud to fulfill it.

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