Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 7-3: The Forbidden Apple

Our heroes had found their way out of the dark and confusion of The Underwhere. Mario and friends now saw the sun shining brightly against a beautiful blue sky. This was the sky paradise Grambi called home, a place of joy called The Overthere. Somewhere above the never-ending layers of clouds waited Grambi himself. Mario and his friends began to make their way up that fluffy road to above...

The heroes have reached the bottom of the Overthere Stair. Luvbi is happy to see blue skies again, even though The Void is here, too. She says they have to keep climbing to reach The Overthere. Tippi says they haven't found Peach yet. Luvbi asks if Peach is Mario's lady friend. Peach isn't his girlfriend, so Luvbi thinks it's a one-sided crush. She goes on ahead, saying if the heroes climb too slowly, the sun will set.

On some of the larger clouds, you'll find numbers of the steps, so I'll be referring to them. Each set of 10 steps forms a stair. At the top is a door leading to the next stair. You'll find Parabuzzies here. In the item blocks, you'll find a Super Shroom. Take the yellow platform up and you'll encounter an Ice Cherbil. If you find that you're stuck trying to go up, flip to check your surroundings, Super Jump, or look for a yellow platform. Flip and you'll find some flip blocks. On stair 15, you'll find a large Jump-Over Cloud. They're very bouncy, so treat them like springs. They'll launch you up several steps. On Stair 17, you'll find a Slow Flower in an item block. On Stair 19 is another Jump-Over Cloud. On Stair 20 is the door to Stair 2.

On Stair 21, hit the item blocks for a fast flower and some Zombie Shrooms so you can rack up points and coins quickly. Go up a few clouds to reach a Save Block. There's a Jump-Over Cloud on Stair 23 and 24, which is a little below Stair 23. Flip to find coins on Stair 24. On Stair 25 are a couple of Rawbuses and a chest with a Rawbus card. On Stair 28, you'll find Ruff Puffs, who'll shoot a ball of electricity at you.

There's a Jump-Over Cloud on Stair 31. On Stair 33 is a door which leads to a tree bearing Blue Apples. They'll heal 5 HP. Use Thudley to knock them from the tree. You'll find a chest with a Ruff Puff card on Stair 34. On the left side, on Stair 37, flip to find some item blocks that allow you to cross to the right side.

On the right side, near Stairs 41 and 42, you'll find some blocks. There are flipping Spinies here, thrown by flipping Lakitus. You'll find a Jump-Over Cloud between Stairs 44 and 45. On 46, you'll find a door leading to Red Apples and a Happy Flower. Be sure to hold onto at least one Red Apple. Drop down to 43 to find a door and a Save Block. The door leads to a tree, with Peach sleeping underneath it. The bros and Bowser try to wake her up, to no avail. Tippi mentions that Peach can really sleep. Luvbi flies in and notices that Peach ate the golden fruit. There are many magical trees in The Overthere, whose fruits have many effects. The Golden Apple makes people so satisfied that they'll sleep for 100 years. Bowser's not that patient. Luvbi mentions a tree that grows taboo fruit that would wake anyone. She then starts pouting that everyone holds Peach in such high regard, so she decides not to help, but go sulk instead. At this point, you can leave, or try giving Peach some apples that you've collected. The Red Apple will make her grow much taller, wake up, freak out, then return to normal size and fall back asleep. The Blue Apple will make her shrink, then return to normal size without waking her up.

Return to the Overthere Stair. Go onto the left side and take two yellow platforms up (they'll move right next to each other). You'll find a chest with a Shroom Shake. On Stair 48, you'll find a Jump-Over Cloud. To the left, you'll find a sign. Flip in front of it to find a door leading to the tree with Yellow Apples. If given to Peach, she'll wake up, grow a mustache, freak out, ask for some lip wax, then fall asleep. The mustache will disappear.

On Stair 51, go through the door on the left and flip to find the tree with Pink Apples. They will make Peach turn into a Peachy Peach, then return to normal. On Stair 52 is a coin block cleverly disguised as a brick block and a Mushroom in an item block. Take the yellow platform up to Stair 53 and flip to find a door leading to the tree of Black Apples. Give it to Peach and she wakes up, calling it gross. She asks what they gave her to eat. Luigi is happy that it worked. Peach is excited that Luigi is safe. Bowser says her concerned husband is here. Peach ignores that and asks where they are, as she can't remember. Tippi explains that Dimentio's attack sent her to The Overthere. Luvbi asks if she's awake. Luvbi says she's taking these travelers to the Overthere. Peach is pleased to make Luvbi's acquaintance, but Luvbi isn't so pleased, telling the princess of silly peaches to not dawdle. Luvbi leaves to climb ahead. Peach wonders if she said something rude. Tippi says not to worry about it. Peach apologizes for causing the other heroes trouble, but she's happy to see them. Now that Peach has rejoined the party, platforming will be easier.

Back on Stair 52 is a door. Go through it and bars appear on the door. Skellobits are in the area. They're creatures from The Underwhere who carry spears. Defeat them all to go back through the door. On Stair 53 is a Jump-Over Cloud. On Stair 54, climb up the blocks, then float to the other side. On Stair 55, you'll find one of many Jump-Over Clouds in the area that lead to Stair 6.

On Stair 61, you'll find a Flip Cursya, which will flip the directions on the D-Pad. Leave it alone or use Piccolo to remove the curse. To the left, a yellow platform will appear between two brick blocks. Transfer to another yellow platform and you'll see arches in the sky. Stand on them and flip for item blocks. On Stair 62 is a brick block that's actually a coin block. On Stair 63 is a Jump-Over Cloud. There are coins on Stair 65 and a Slow Cursya on Stair 68. The chest near it has a Long-Last Shake. Take the yellow platform to a series of narrow pillars. Use Peach to cross them. There's chest with a Thunder Rage on Stair 69.

On Stair 71, flip near the item blocks to find more item blocks. One has a Super Shroom. There's also a Jump-Over Cloud. There's another on Stair 72. Near Stair 73 are some pillars. Near Stair 74 is a yellow platform that leads to a chest with a Life Shroom. Go up and you'll find a pavilion and a cloud. The switch next to him makes a pipe appear. Talk to the cloud and you'll find his name is Cyrrus. He wants to be a big cloud. He heard about a guy getting bigger by eating a mushroom and wants to eat something that will make him bigger, as well. You can feed him any of the apples you have and they'll do the same things as they did to Peach. The pipe nearby will take you back to Stair 43 so you can get a Red Apple, which he needs. He grows and calls himself Super Cyrrus. He's super bouncy, to the point that he launches the heroes of the planet. They come back down and land on Stair 80. Flip under the roof of the pavilion to find some coins. Super Jump onto the pavilion to reach a chest with a gold bar. Go through the door and you'll find a sign that says, "Here Endeth Overthere Stair. The Overthere is Over There". Float across the gap to the star.

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