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Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 7-4: A Bone-Chilling Tale

White clouds as far as the eye could see... Mario and Co. had climbed through clouds and finally reached The Overthere. "Odd. No party springeth forth to welcome us," wondered Luvbi aloud. "It mattereth not. Father's shrine is just ahead, so we can walk there with ease." But they would not arrive the shrine as easily as Luvbi predicted. Why not? Because something unexpected and dramatic was about to happen...

In Overthere Sector 1, Luvbi says the heroes will soon meet her father, Grambi, so they should be on their best behavior. She also mentions that Queen Jaydes is her mother. Luvbi fell ill once and Grambi never left her bedside. Her parents are annoyingly overprotective and she thinks it's her own fault for being so cute, so they can't help it.

Cross the gap in the clouds to the pavilion and ride the cloud up so you can jump to the right. Go through the door to Sector 2 on the far right and someone calls for help. Some Skellobits have trapped a Nimbi. Defeat the Skellobits and the heroes will have the Nimbi's gratitude. Luvbi asks what happened and he explains that fell beasts have been flooding into The Overthere. They seek the Pure Heart for their foul plan. Luvbi says Grambi knows the location of the Pure Heart, which means he's in danger. The Nimbi gives them a Door Key. There are Pal Pills in the high item block on the right. At the end, flip to reveal that the last pillar is a pipe. It leads to a room with a Gigabyte. Defeat it for a chest with Cooking Disk PU. Climb up and you'll find more item blocks with a Super Shroom and a Ghoul Shroom. Climb up and to the left to find a frozen Nimbi. Use Bowser to thaw him out. He says he's been brought back to life, but wonders why he is here. He has amnesia. Leave the area.

Back in Sector 1, walk to the left to find some item blocks forming stairs. At the top is a pavilion with a locked door. Unlock it to reach Sector 3. There's a Save Block near the pavilion. Float to the right to find another frozen Nimbi. Thaw him and he reveals that he is Novbi and his girl is Fallbi. For saving his life, Novbi decides to do the heroes a favor. Fallbi suggests moving the "Thou-knowest-what" and Novbi flies to the left. You'll find him under the pavilion. He reveals that the pavilion is really The Overator, which works like an elevator. Go up and you'll find more frozen Nimbis and a door that leads to Sector 4.

In Sector 4, you'll find a large pavilion with many frozen Nimbis. The last Nimbi is Whibbi, who thanks them and calls them super. Luvbi asks about Grambi. Whibbi couldn't stop the Skellobits from entering Grambi's shrine and they destroyed the bridge leading to it. Bowser suggests rebuilding the bridge. Whibbi says they must find Rebbi, Blubi, and Yebbi and get their three orbs so they can rebuild the bridge. He gives them a Door Key. If you need to do a little shopping, there's an Itty Bits shop on the roof.

Go back to Sector 2 and talk to the Nimbi with amnesia. He remembers he is Blubi. Luvbi calls him "Dumbi" for taking so long to remember. She asks for the Blue Orb and he gives it to her. Go back to Sector 3 and go unlock the door to reach Sector 5.  Go to the left and climb up to reach a door to Sector 6. There's a Mushroom in an item block. Flip to find a path and you'll find an item block with a Mega Star. If you use Luigi, he'll be 8-bit Fire Luigi, but won't be able to throw fireballs. Go through the area to defeat the Skellobits. When you return to normal, flip to reveal another path. Go right to find a restroom. Knock on the door and someone asks if the beasts are gone. They then asks who knocked. Answer "A Monster" and they'll claim that whoever knocked is lying, as no monster would admit to being a monster. They then realize that the person knocking isn't a monster and come out of the restroom. It's Yebbi. Luvbi orders him to give them the Yellow Orb or she'll tell everyone how long he hid in there.

Return to Sector 5. Hit the red switch on the pavilion to make it move to the right (hitting it again will make it go to the left). There's a pavilion on solid ground with a Shooting Star on the roof. The door on the pavilion leads to Sector 8, where you'll find a Slow Flower in an item block and Boomerang Bros. There are several arches in the area. Over one is an item block containing a Happy Flower over a brick block. On the far right is the Nimbi called Maybi. He won't respond and he's probably faking it. Leave him be and return to Sector 5. Flip to find a door behind the pavilion. This leads to Sector 7. Drop down and you'll find a large chest. Open it an a Nimbi appears, having executed his escape attempt. The chest contains a most valuable treasure- him. Luvbi asks why he's in there while The Overthere was being overrun with beasts. The Nimbi admits to getting stuck during his escape act, so he's been hiding. He gives them an Ultra Shroom Shake as proof of his generosity. Go back up and float to the right. You'll find Rebbi attacking some Skellobits. The heroes walk in and he's thankful for reinforcements, as his strength is giving out. Defeat the Skellobits and Rebbi says he owes them. He gives them the Red Orb, saying that it is not given lightly.

With all three orbs, return to Sector 4, where Whibbi is. Walk to the right to find a pedestal. Place all three orbs in the pedestal and the clouds shake. The pixelated rainbow bridge falls into place. Whibbi tells them to save Grambi. Head over the bridge to the shrine. Go through the door and a Skellobit tells the heroes to hold it. It wonders how they got in after they destroyed the bridge. Luvbi asks how Grambi is, threatening to end all that is the Skellobit if he's hurt. The Skellobit calls her a brat and tells his allies to fall in. Lots of Skellobits appear. Rebbi appears, saying his strength has returned. He calls in the Nimbi Brigade and the two armies battle in the air. There are some Skellobits on the ground that the heroes have to get past. Flip behind the stairs to the shrine to find a chest with a Spiky Skellobit card. Go up the stairs, heal with the Ultra Shroom in the item block and save.

Go through the door. Luvbi freaks out, seeing Grambi stooped over, thinking he's hurt. Grambi says Luvbi shouldn't have come and tells her to flee. Someone says that this is a touching scene. It's a mechanical beast, the boss of all the crazy guys who escaped The Underwhere, according to Luigi. He is Bonechill, an evil celebrity in The Underwhere. Luvbi says that Grambi will never give him the Pure Heart, so he should give up. Bonechill calls her an ignorant child, amused that she doesn't know anything. He reveals that the Pure Heart is her. The Pure Heart was hidden to keep out of the hands of evil types. Grambi transformed it into a Nimbi that he called his own daughter. He asks her if she really thinks Grambi pays her any attention out of love. Bonechill says Grambi can weigh the sins of others, but not his own. Tippi tells Luvbi to get Grambi to safety and the two leave the shrine. Bonechill thanks the heroes for delivering the Pure Heart. Once he defeats them, he'll be invincible. He says to consider it an honor to have their game ended by his talons.

Bonechill has 80 HP and 4 attack. He has ice breath and summons and spews icicles. Only his head should be attacked, by either Super Jumping or throwing icicles with Thoreau. Super Jumping is the best way so you can repeatedly stomp him and rack up stylish combos. Once you win, he calls his defeat impossible. He asks how the heroes could destroy the master of cold dark. He then falls apart.

Grambi and Luvbi return. Grambi says they've saved the realm. Luvbi asks if what Bonechill said was a lie. Queen Jaydes appears, saying she came when she didn't receive word of Luvbi's safe arrival. Luvbi asks them if they are her parents. Queen Jaydes pauses, but confirms that Luvbi isn't their child. She explains the Pure Heart was always in danger of falling into the wrong hands, so they transformed it into a shape none would suspect. There's a flash of light and the Pure Heart appears from Luvbi for an instant. Grambi says that Luvbi is unstable and the Pure Heart struggles against the Luvbi identity. It seeks to return to its true form and senses someone near worthy of possessing it. Luvbi starts to consider that she is meant to be with Mario and that he may be her prince. She thinks the idea stinks and that Mario is completely wrong for her. She says she'll return to her true form and go with Mario. Grambi says if she does, Luvbi will no longer exist. Luvbi says she remembers being the Pure Heart and all worlds will end if she does not go with him. She wonders why she bothers to explain herself as Grambi and Queen Jaydes are not her parents. She gets angry with them, asking how many times they scolded her when they knew she wasn't long for this world. She suffered an angry fake father and a nagging fake mother who should have let her have fun. She asks how they plan to make up for the fact that she didn't have a life. Grambi says not to talk to her mother that way and thinks her sass will end when she changes forms. Luvbi says she'll change forms regardless, as it will be a relief. Grambi calls her an ungrateful brat and reminds her that he lingered by her bedside when she was ill. Luvbi scoffs at his lingering and asks for the present back that she bought with her allowance. Grambi asks who gave her that allowance and reminds her that she lied about buying schoolbooks to get it. Luvbi asks how he dares lecture her on lying and asks why he thinks she lied. She thought they would be happy. She hates them and they are not her real parents.

Queen Jaydes says that's enough. She says the reason Luvbi was created is true, but they came to love her as their true daughter. They wanted to be with her for all time and to protect her. She became a part of them. Queen Jaydes thinks that perhaps they were wrong to create her and apologizes if they only caused her pain. Luvbi says not to apologize and thanks them. The Pure Heart wants to assume its original form. She asks Tippi to take care of the real her and save the world as her final wish. It would be unkind of Tippi if she didn't. Tippi understands. Luvbi bids farewell to her parents and apologizes for lying, saying she really loves them both. She slowly transforms into the Pure Heart. Grambi asks the prophesied heroes to take his dear daughter, the Pure Heart and swear to prevail. He wants no one to feel this sadness. The heroes take the Pure Heart and the Pixls dance.

End Of Chapter
"Heroes... My daughter wanted thee to save all worlds. 'Twas her final wish." Grambi spoke slowly through his tears as the brave Nimbis cleaned up The Overthere. Draped in sadness, Queen Jaydes walked slowly to her palace in The Underwhere. Mario, his friends, and the eighth Pure Heart were all that remained... This Pure heart came at a high price. Let us hope it was all worthwhile.

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