Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 6-2: The End of a World

With The Void encompassing the entire sky, the end of the world was at hand. The pressure was on for the heroes to find all the remaining Pure Hearts. Would regal King Sammer be willing to part with his most precious treasure? Leaving an army of Sammer Guys in his wake, Mario stepped into the palace...

Inside King Sammer's pink palace, King Sammer says the heroes have arrived. He received word of their run in with Count Bleck, meaning that the legends are true. Tippi asks for the Pure Heart. King Sammer says they haven't defeated all 100 Sammer Guys but the situation is grave. He says the Pure Heart sits on the 26th gate. Go onstage and open the chest. A bomb that resembles Boomer explodes. King Sammer asks why that explosion didn't even turn the heroes black with soot. He says it stinks that they're not hurt. He flips over to them, asking if they thought that they'd just grab the Pure Heart. Calling them dumb, King Sammer reveals that he is actually Mimi in disguise. She says the real King Sammer is napping while the world ends. Tippi tells her to get out of the way, as time is of the essence. Mimi explains that she's here to get in the way. She's not soft and cuddly like the count. It's bedtime for the heroes.

Peach is a good choice for the first part of this battle, as is Thoreau. Mimi has 25 HP and 2 attack. She'll surround herself with Rubees and throw them to attack. Throw the Rubees back to make her Rubee shield disappear and attack her. After she takes enough damage, she'll flip into 3D. Go after her with Mario. When you defeat her, she says that really hurt and the heroes are a bunch of bullies who hit cute little girls. This doesn't matter, as everything's perfect. The Void is even larger in the sky. Mimi got them to waste what precious little time they had left. She says they should give up trying to look for the Pure Heart. Tippi says this psychotic girl was only trying to stall them. Mimi says she warned them she was meaner than the count. She can't stay and play with them more, as the world is about to go kablooey. She leaves.

Go through the door and cross more gates. The Sammer Guys will let you pass. The shaking becomes even more violent and The Void flashes. One Sammer Guy laughs in desperation, saying they're not going to make it. Tippi says it can't end like this. The Void flashes and the sky goes white.

Tippi says it feels like she knows Count Bleck from somewhere. The heroes wake up on Flipside Tower and Tippi says she did know him, but doesn't remember how or when, nor who he is. Bowser asks what's going on. Tippi says she's a little discombobulated and it's hard to say what happened, but they returned to Flipside. Peach wonders what happened to King Sammer and his Sammer Guys, as well as the Pure Heart. Tippi says the door to the world still exists, so she suggests that they go back through the door.

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