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Super Paper Mario -- Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

After clearing the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials becomes accessible. It's on the same floor as the Flipside Pit. I recommend bringing along 6 Emergency Rations for this dungeon. The strategy is pretty much the same, but all of the enemies are dark versions, which have higher HP and attack. Keeping healed is crucial so you can save your Emergency Rations for when you really need it. You should also take advantage of the defense boosting items, such as Turtley Leaves, Courage Shells, and Block Blocks. I also recommend getting any Life Shrooms available to you (from Fuzzies or Flimm).

Here are examples of what I found on the floors. Again, all enemies are dark versions.
1. One Goomba
2. Goombas and Koopas
3. Goombas, Paragoombas, Cursyas (the Cursyas can be of any type. Tippi can tell you what kind they are, if you want to know. Just use Bowser's fire breath or drop Boomer on them from above.)
4. Paragoombas
5. Spiky Goombas and Koopas
6. Squiglets and Cherbils (the Cherbils can breath ice, poison, and sleep gas)
7. Squiglets and Spinies
8. Goombas, Spinies, and Cursyas
9. Spike Tops and Koopas
10. Dashell card
11. Fuzzies and Squiglets
12. Stone Buzzies
13. Clefts and Paratroopas
14. Clefts and Paragoombas
15. Spanias and Goombas
16. Dry Bones, Spinies, and Cursyas
17. Spike Tops and Stone Buzzies
18. Fuzzies and Spiky Goombas
19. Dry Bones and Goombas
20. Goombario card
21. Fuzzies, Pokeys, and Cursyas
22. Spanias
23. Fuzzies and Longators
24. Dry Bones, Paragoombas, and Pokeys
25. Clefts and Ruff Puffs
26. Dark Dark Boos
27. Ruff Puffs, Squiglets, and Cursyas
28. Stone Buzzies and Spanias
29. Dark Dark Boos and Goombas
30. Kooper card
31. Ruff Puffs and Shlurps
32. Sproing-Oings, and Squiglets
33. Pokeys and Choppas
34. Boomboxers
35. Gromebas, Squiglets, and Cursyas
36. Boomboxers and Cursyas
37. Gromebas
38. Cherbils
39. Dark Dark Boos and Megabite
40. Bombette
41. Toopa Strikers
42. Cursyas and Shlurps
43. Choppas and Boomboxers
44. Cursyas and Sproing-Oings
45. Shlurps
46. Hammer Bros and Goombas
47. Boomerang Bros and Paragoombas
48.  Fire Bros and Spiky Goombas
49. Toopa Strikers, Squiglets, and Magikoopas
50. Parakarry card
51. One Muth
52. Chomps
53. Clubbas
54. Squiglets
55. Spanias and Squiglets
56. Boomerang Bros and Goombas
57. Tileoids (stand next to a wall and combo stomp with Peach)
58. Hammer Bros and Cursyas
59. Toopa Strikers and Magikoopas
60. Bow card
61. Magikoopas and Chomps
62. Eeligons, Magikoopas, Pigarithms
63. Tileoids, Magikoopas, Cursyas
64. Ninjoes
65. Fire Bros and Chomps
66. Hammer Bros
67. Clubbas and Cursyas
68. Clubbas and Koopatrols
69. Ninjoes, Cherbils, and Megabite
70. Watt card
71. Jawbus
72. Koopatrols and Koopas
73. Barribad
74. Eeligons and Choppas
75. Pigarithm and Amayzee Dayzee (it can flip. Try to sneak up on it when it's next to a wall and breathe fire on it before it escapes. It may have the key.)
76. Koopatrols
77. Tileoids and Ninjoes
78. Skellobits and Ninjoes
79. Skellobits and Spiky Skellobits
80. Sushie card
81. Spiky Skellobits and Cursyas
82. Cherbils and Magikoopas
83. Skellobits
84. Jawbus
85. Magiblots
86. Koopatrols and Cursyas
87. Squiglets and Toopa Strikers
88. Longators
89. Tileoids and Magiblots
90. Lakilester card
91. Cursyas
92. Squiglets and Magikoopas
93. Hammer Bros, Fire Bros and Boomerang Bros (heal if you are not fully healed or almost fully healed to deal with the onslaught of projectiles)
94. Amayzee Dayzee, Cherbils and Magiblots
95. Headbonk Goombas
96. Jawbus and Megabite
97. Skellobits and Spiky Skellobits
98. Muths
99. Koopatrols, Hammer Bros, Fire Bros, and Boomerang Bros (heal if you are not fully or nearly fully healed)

100. At the bottom, someone says that they've waited for the heroes. They say the heroes have done well and their bravery has been noticed. Whoever's talking is a servant of the Ancients who is to give power to the true heroes. The heroes have passed the 100 trials behind them, but whether they are the true heroes of legend is to bee seen. The heroes are issued a new challenge and a pipe appears. It will lead them out of the dungeon. The challenge is to go through the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials again and they will be recognized as the true heroes. Yes, that means you have to go through all that again to get the power. Heal and restock on items, then get going.

When you return, whoever's there says they'll come clean. They were created by the Ancients, but they don't work for them. They work for their own cursed powers. This is Shadoo, who has been testing the heroes to study them. Shadoo says the heroes' clones are complete. He will beat the heroes and take their place.

All of the clones have 100 HP and 10 attack, making them very powerful. You'll want to have at least one Emergency Ration or some other item that can restore a lot of HP. I also found it very useful to have a couple of Block Blocks in my inventory. The first clone is Dark Luigi. He can Super Jump as the real Luigi can. Next is Dark Bowser, then Dark Peach, then Dark Mario. What you'll want to do is back the clone into a corner with Barry or a Block Block to keep them from attacking you, then use Bowser's fire breath. Two Block Blocks should last you most if not the entire fight. I had four in my inventory. This is a tough fight. You'll get a lot of points for defeating each clone. Once you defeat them all, 8 chests will appear. They contain Mario, Dark Mario, Peach (1), Dark Peach, Bowser (1), Dark Bowser, Luigi, and Dark Luigi cards. This will double each hero's attack power. Shadoo indeed gives them a new power: the power for Mario to remain in 3D indefinitely. You now no longer need to worry about losing health by being in 3D for too long, which is very useful. Open all the chests to make a pipe appear so you can exit and save. Next, prepare for the final chapter and the final battle.

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