Saturday, September 6, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 7-1: Subterranean Vacation

Dimentio's savage attack had separated Mario from his friends. He had reunited with Luigi, yes, but Peach and Bowser were still missing. Just where were those two? And what new dangers lay ahead? It was time to venture through the door opened by the seventh Pure Heart. Once again, Mario saw a nightmarish landscape beyond imagination...

Mario and Luigi find themselves back in The Underwhere. Tippi wonders what sort of world this dark place is. Luigi mentions that they just came from here. Tippi wonders why the Pure Heart led them here. If you talk to the first Shayde, it'll think it's funny that the heroes say this is their second time here. Go through the door, go over the pipes with Luigi, then cross the River Twygz with Carrie.

Queen Jaydes asks why they return. Tippi introduces herself and explains that they're here this time to find the Pure Heart. Queen Jaydes is shocked, then thinks they may be the heroes of the Light Prognosticus. Tippi asks if she has the Pure Heart. Queen Jaydes says the Pure Heart's location is of the utmost secrecy and she can't tell them. They must speak to Grambi, king of The Overthere. Luvbi appears, saying she's packed her things and is ready to return to The Overthere. She notices the bros have returned and asks if their games truly ended. Queen Jaydes asks the bros to take Luvbi back to The Overthere. Tippi asks why they'd need to and Queen Jaydes explains that a monster was once held underneath here and a recent earthquake freed it, so it wanders freely. She can't send her daughter alone with such a beast on the loose. If they agree to take Luvbi, she'll open the way to The Overthere and alert Grambi of their arrival and their request for the Pure Heart. She and her D-Men are too busy trying to contain the damage. A door appears and Queen Jaydes instructs them to keep heading upward and make sure Luvbi arrives safely into the care of Grambi.

Luvbi suggests that they not look at her while they climb or they may succumb to her cuteness. Tippi says the bros are not that superficial. Luvbi notes Tippi's sharp tongue and thinks she may be jealous. She asks if Tippi pines for the hairy twins and if she prefers the red one or the green one. Tippi is confused and stammers. Luvbi says Tippi is blushing and flustered, so she may have a crush on one of the bros that burns as hot as 1,000 suns. Go through the door to reach the star.

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