Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 6-1

The heroes go back through the door that leads to Chapter 6. What they find is a completely white world. Tippi says there's nothing left here and it can't be the beautiful world they were in before. She feels the Pure Heart, but faintly. She can't believe that anything's left and suggests they take a look around. Use Carrie to get around faster in this barren wasteland. You'll find bits of debris here and there. After a long while, Tippi will see something. It's a gray, stone-like heart. It's the Pure Heart, which somehow survived the world's obliteration, but something seems odd about it.

Someone laughs, calling the place pretty bland. Mr. L drops in, saying it looks like the Pure Heart is broken and couldn't handle the end of the world. He decides to swipe it for kicks. If you have Peach out, he calls her gorgeous and says this chaos wasteland is no place for a stunner like her. Peach demands that he remove his mask. He changes the topic to the Dark Prognosticus. Anything the count doesn't like never existed. He decides to leave, saying to stay out of Count Bleck's business if they want to live. Peach says even he, a masked man wouldn't watch a world die without feeling anything. She says he must see that Count Bleck's plan is mad. He asks if the heroes are pushing for a fight. He won't disappoint them and launches the new and improved Brobot. This one has arms and feet and is sporting the latest in brobotics. He calls it Brobot L-Type. Mr. L tells Peach to try not to get kidnapped before she's defeated.

Brobot L-Type has 64 HP, 5 attack, and 4 defense. It has 8 defense against fire. It can attack with its hands and tackle, as well as throw its mustache, shoot missiles, and do everything that Brobot could. It's weak to explosions, so place Boomer near where its feet are or will be, and press (1) again to make Boomer explode. Once you defeat it, Mr. L says there's no way Brobot L-Type should have been defeated, as it shoots missiles. He drops the Pure Heart when he lands on the ground. He calls it preposterous and wonders why he can't win. Tippi suggests that he keeps losing because he's weak. Mr. L growls, saying the heroes can laugh now, but he never forgets. He leaves, leaving Peach to think she's met him before. Tippi notices he dropped the Pure Heart, which looks like a rock. It has no sparkle left. She suggests they take it back to Merlon.

End Of Chapter

Elsewhere, Mr. L says he can't seem to beat the heroes. Dimentio asks if they wounded his fragile pride and demolished his robot again. Mr. L is stumped, thinking a giant robot would be enough to crush the heroes. He's a disgrace and can't show his face to Count Bleck after this. Dimentio says this is probably for the best and uses a little flame magic on him. Mr. L asks what he's doing. Dimentio says Mr. L can't go back, so he should get lost. Mr. L doesn't find it funny, but if he wanted to laugh, Dimentio's face is inspiration enough. Dimentio comments on his temper, saying his nostrils flare out like the hood of a hissing cobra. He can't have Mr. L around the count, but if he gets rid of him here, he won't be found out and Mr. L will never be found. This is his moment to grasp. He says it's time for Mr. L's final bow and summons a box around him. Mr. L freaks out, saying Dimentio's lost his mind. Dimentio promises that this won't be so bad. He'll send the heroes his way soon so he'll have someone to play with. He sets off explosions in the box while Mr. L wails. Dimentio leaves.

The destruction of an entire world was a great and terrible tragedy. But Mario and his allies had survived the cataclysm and found another Pure Heart. The end of that world had dulled the shine of the Pure Heart they had found. Was the Pure Heart's power lost forever? The heroes set out for Flipside to find out..

For some reason, the music for the start of the chapter plays.

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