Sunday, August 21, 2011

Loopdeeloop Galaxy - Surfing 101

Welcome to the Galaxy!
We land on a planet in a bright galaxy. There is a fast-flowing river floating in space. Beach Bowl music plays. There are penguins here. They say that this is penguin paradise and that they surf on manta rays. We go up to the big penguin with the whistle, who's the coach. In the water is a purple manta ray.

The coach says, "That cute little guy over there is Ray! Are you a surfer too? Yes/ No way" If you answer "No way", he says, "I see... Well, if you chage your mind, let me know." If you answer "Yes", he says, "Oh, but this is your first time ray surfing, right? Well then, let me show you the ropes." We are now standing on the back of Ray. "Now let me explain. Point your Wiimote a the screen." Checks appear to let you know you're following instructions. "Yeah, yeah... That's the basic position. To turn left, twist the Wiimote left from that starting position. Correct! That's how you turn left! To turn right, twist the Wiimote to the right. Yup! That's how you turn left! Then, all you need to do is hold down (A) to speed up. That's all you need to know. Now give it a go on the course!"

The first part of the course allows to get coins while getting a feel for ray surfing. We go into the tunnel to start the race. Penguins cheer us on from the sidelines. The best time is 1:30:00. I'm not trying to beat any speed records, just trying to stay alive. The course is basically a figure-8. Ray surfing music plays. We take it slow, winding around the course until we reach the "sun" that is the finish line. We get a 1-up on the way. When we finish, we go up to the ranking platform where the coach is. He says, "01:29:41? Congratulations! You deserve a Gold Medal!" He pulls out a Star, which flies over to the 1st Place ranking.
Star Get #9, Galaxy Complete!, 44 Coins, 17 Lives

There are Star Bits on the course, but getting them may require moving out of your basic position, which may cause you to fall off. Get a Co-Star to get them.

We land in the galaxy and get ray surfing instructions. I get all of the coins in the trial area. We start the race and get a 1-up. I fell off the track onto a lower portion, which was lucky. I reached the goal and fell off in the cutscene, but still lived. My time was 01:54:05 and we get the Star.
Star Get #19, Galaxy Complete!, 46 Coins, 656 Star Bits

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