Monday, August 1, 2011

Tick Tock Clock - Stomp on the Thwomp

This mission gave me a lot of difficulty. I died 19 times, which is why I got the Red Coins first. We have to climb up to the top of the clock tower while in the course, which is treacherous with the time in, and we need the parts moving. Instead of going to the pendulums, go the other way to climb higher. There are rotating triangles and a high ledge you must double jump to reach. After that are 4 pieces of the wall that try to push you off and conveyor belts. Past that are flipping triangles that operate much like the flipping blocks earlier in the level. There are flipping rectangles and when you reach the top, another clock hand will come around. It will take you to a conveyor belt leading away from the Thwomp. We backflipped onto the Thwomp, which took us to the Star.
Star Get #109, 12 Coins, 5 Lives

Nintendo DS
This Star is also at the top of the course. We climbed up the pole past the cage and went to the right. There are two yellow rectangular platforms that will lift you up to the path. Following the path will lead you to two flipping blocks and a grate. We backflipped up to the path, passing Wario's Cap. There are a couple of conveyor belts, and some flipping rectangles farther up the path. There are two more flipping blocks acting as stairs until reach the part where you'll find the clock hand. Take the clock hand around until you see a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt leads to the Thwomp. Backflip onto the Thwomp and it will lift you to where the Star is.
Star Get #132, 14 Coins, 4 Lives

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