Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 2-3

Here's where things really start to look like Galaxy. We land on 8-bit Mario. The Item Block has a Propeller Block. The P-Switches make coins to collect for applause. The higher P-Switch requires the Propeller Block. All we have to do to activate the Propeller Block is to jump and hold down (A) or (B). We jump down to lower platforms, including an 8-Bit Mushroom. We get the second Star Coin by falling through the hoop to it and hold (A) to activate the Propeller to safety. Next is 8-bit Peach. We use the Starman to take out some green enemies for a ring of coins. We take an orange Mystery Box to an 8-bit area. We hop up the stairs and reach the flagpole.
Take 2- We grab a Tanooki Suit from 1-1. We get the musical notes, which play a Super Mario 3 remix, for a 1-up. We spin the gear on the mushroom for Red Coins for a 1-up. The gear on Peach takes us to the third Star Coin. We get two 1-ups at the goal, one for having the Propeller Block.
Take 3- There is a brick block concealing a gear on Mario's right foot. (All of the gears are concealed by brick blocks.) We spin it for a long time, reaching 8-bit Fire Luigi with the first Star Coin. We reach the goal for two 1-ups.

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