Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 4-4

It's time for a Ghost House! The ghostly waltz music from Super Mario Galaxy plays. There are Boos here, some that will appear from thin air. We approach the edge of the floor to make checked platforms appear. We hit the P-Switch to make coins appear that show us the way. We fell off.
Take 2- We hit the P-Switch and follow the coins to an orange Mystery Box. The first Star Coin is floating around a few ghosts. We hit a Boo and use a red ! block to reach the midpoint. We hit the blocks for a Starman and destroy the Boos for a Tanooki Suit. We walk to the lower right corner and run into a cutout pipe to make a green pipe appear. There is an optical illusion room with a clock and the second Star Coin. I jumped off the lower left corner and died.
Take 3- We get the Tanooki Suit and the second Star Coin. We go to the upper right corner to an orange Mystery Box. We take two lefts to reach the third Star Coin. Afterwards, we are followed by a giant Boo and we fell off.
Take 4- We get a Tanooki Suit and the last two Star Coins. We avoid the giant Boo and get a Starman to take him out at the end, near the purple door. We go out the door and get a 1-up at the flapole.

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