Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 4-3

We need 30 Star Coins to unlock this level. We don't lose the Star Coins. There are several rotating blocks here. Super Mario 3 music plays. If you can handle the rotating block levels in Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Sunshine, you'll be fine. The first Star Coin is over the second rotating block, which is blue. I tried to stomp a brick block with a tail and fell off.
Take 2- I got the first Star Coin and a Tanooki Suit. Unfortunately, I fell off a green block.
Take 3- I fell off.
Take 4- We get the first Star Coin and go to Coin Heaven. There, we get a Starman and a 1-up from running into all of the enemies. As always, at the end is a Star Coin. We hit the red ! block for blocks to the midpoint and binoculars. We see Toad and he throws the third Star Coin out over the blocks. We fell off.
Take 5- We fell off.
Take 6- The gold block appears again. We get the third Star Coin over a blue rotating cube and a 1-up from Red Coins. We fell off.
Take 7- We get the third Star Coin and a Tanooki Suit from Red Coins. We get a 1-up at the goal.

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