Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 5-5

The level starts with a giant Tanooki Goomba. We take it out with a few fireballs. The item block on the right is a propeller block and we use it to hop up the clouds. We also use it to kill the tall stack of Goombas for a 1-up. We spring up, then drop down to the left for the first Star Coin, propelling back up to safety. We hop up some clouds to some binoculars. We can look through them even with the propeller block on our head. We see Toad with a propeller block, too. He drops down to the location of the flagpole. We reach the midpoint. I tried to reach the second Star Coin, but fell.
Take 2- I fell.
Take 3- We get the second Star Coin by jumping from a springy mushroom, dropping down a little, then using the propeller block to reach it and get to safety. We get a Tanooki Suit from a giant Tanooki Goomba and spin a gear in a brick block in the upper left corner. There's a clock on a nearby platform and a P-Switch that makes rings. We use the propeller block to drop down to platforms and reach the third Star Coin. We take it to the flagpole for a 1-up.

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