Saturday, December 31, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 4- Airship

We shoot from a cannon to the Airship, which an auto-sidescroller. We have to deal with the red and blue flipping platforms. We fell off.
Take 2- We get the first Star Coin by walking around instead of taking the short cut while dodging Rocky Wrenches. We drop down below the rolling spikes to get the second Star Coin, but were too far to the left and died.
Take 3- I got the first Star Coin and fell.
Take 4- We get the first two Star Coins. We fell from trying to kill a Boomerang Bro.
Take 5- We get all three Star Coins. The third Star Coin flips with the platform, so walk over when the blue platforms are up. The end Airships are pink. Could this mean something? We go down the green pipe. The interior is also pink and it means something. Instead of Boom Boom, we are met by a Koopa with a ponytail and a Boomerang. Her name is Pom Pom. We got in one hit and she flew over and dropped on us with her shell.
Take 6- The gold block appeared. See Take 5.
Take 7- We got the first two coins and fell.
Take 8- We got all three Star Coins and got in two hits.
Take 9- We fell.
Take 10- We get all three Star Coins and drop to the Airship below the one with the pipe. There's a 1-up there. We die after two hits.
Take 11- Another gold block with a P-Wing shows up. We're ignoring it as well. We die in battle.
Take 12- We get all three Star Coins and die after one hit.
Take 13- We get all three Star Coins and fell.
Take 14- See Take 13.
Take 15- We get all three Star Coins and beat her. Using the Tanooki Tail works. We go through the pipe and get a 1-up at the flagpole.

Mario walks through the night and finds another envelope. The picture inside shows Peach chased by stacked Goombas. She yells, "Help me!" Shaking makes her jump and the Goombas shake. Mario runs off, jumping over two Monty Moles.

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