Thursday, December 29, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land: 4-1

This level starts off as a grassy mountain. There are Super Mario 2 musical notes in a shrub near the Piranhas. We use it to get a Fire Flower. We use the binoculars to find Toad, who throws a 1-up our way. At the top of the stairs is a brick block in the wall. There's a Koopa there, but we use a Tanooki Suit to break it. Inside is the first Star Coin. We ride the carousel up and spring to Coin Heaven. At the end is the second Star Coin. We reach the midpoint. To the left is a cannon, which we use to get the third Star Coin. We start walking up the tall tree near where we landed. At the top of the tree is the flagpole.

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