Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 6-2

This level is a pyramid. The Egyptian music plays. We start in a room with retracting spikes and a Pokey. We wait until the spikes drop to go through the doorway. The next room has spikes and floating spike blocks. A Pokey blocks the alcove with the Star Coin, so we leave for an elevator to a lower floor. We can't go back. The next room has three Pokeys and the floor tiles raise and lower. The upper left corner tile takes us to a new level that the Pokeys rise to. There's a suspicious brick block in the wall we'll check out later. We hop into the doorway on the right for the midpoint. We take out the snaking spike block by hitting all of the blocks in its midsection and hop on an elevator going up, then transfer. At the top, there's a hallway to the left with the third Star Coin and a spike ball. We go to the right past the elevators and find more snaking spike blocks, one of which with a Tanooki Leaf. We fell trying to cross the spikes.
Take 2- We find a 1-up above the right elevator. We get the third Star Coin and fall trying to escape the spike ball.
Take 3- We get the third Star Coin and a Tanooki Suit, then cross the spike bridge. We go through the green pipe to the flagpole.
Take 4- We kill the snaking spike blocks for a Fire Flower, kill the Pokey to reach the first Star Coin, then discover that we could get the first Star Coin from the back hallway. (You have to jump.) We roll into the brick block in the wall for the second Star Coin. I fell at the spike bridge.
Take 5- I fell at the spike bridge.
Take 6- We made it to the flagpole.

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