Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 8- Bowser's Castle Part 2

We need 100 Star Coins to unlock this level. We have 146. This is it! (I hope.) A drawbridge drops down and the eyes on the Bowser head glow. We land on a skull coaster and it goes into a Bowser statue's opening mouth. It goes down and we dodge a large fireball. More fireballs appear that we have to dodge as the coaster snakes around the track. I died from a fireball.
Take 2- We get the first Star Coin, which is in the fireball area, by jumping. We take a hit from a fire bar, then the coaster stops. Nearby is a wooden square with a coin. We hop on and it lifts us to a fragile stone bridge. We cross it and find more wooden squares in the lava. We died from a Dry Bones.
Take 3- I got the first Star Coin and fell in the lava trying to jump to the wooden square from the coaster.
Take 4- See Take 2.
Take 5- See Take 2.
Take 6- The gold block appears in the Bowser statue's mouth. I fell in the lava.
Take 7- We get the first two Star Coins. The second is over the second wooden square with the Dry Bones on it. We hop on another coaster. Next is a barrage of fireballs that we must dodge. Towards the end is the third Star Coin. The coaster takes us to stairs to a cannon. The Toads are there and give us a 1-up. We hop in the cannon and aim for the Red Coin Ring. We land on a tower, where it's raining. The Red Coins are there, so we collect them for a Tanooki Leaf. We take the cannon there and aim for the yellow ring for five coins. We land on a spiral ramp. It is quiet, except for the wind and rain. The door at the top opens and we go through it. We see Peach tied to a flagpole. Mario says, "Ah" and runs forward. Peach calls his name, but a large shadow appears over Mario. Bowser pounds the floor and roars. The floor breaks and they fall. The timer resets and they land on some stairs. It's time for the final battle! We chase Bowser up the stairs, which have cracks in them and will break apart. We dodge fireballs and spike balls. We pass an item block with a Tanooki Leaf and dodge fireballs and take out Paragoombas with our Tanooki Tail. Next, Bowser throws large barrels at us over a cracked bridge. Next is a blue solid bridge, where Bowser will try to hit us with his tail. We dodge and wait for him to jump, then run under him to another blue bridge. Behind that bridge is a wall that Bowser destroys with his tail. Beyond it is the switch. We hit it. Bowser falls into the lava below and we can go further. We run up the stairs and Bowser appears. You didn't think you were done, did you? Bowser now breathes a purple flame and hops around. He won't get in your way, but some Tanooki Goombas might, and the path is mostly cracked. The Tanooki Suit is a good idea here. I tried to jump to a piece that was too high and fell.
Take 8- I fell.
Take 9- I made it much higher, to another blue bridge where we must run from Bowser, hopping over blocks. I recommend hopping over single blocks. He ran into me and I died.
Take 10- I made it across the bridge to the second switch. Bowser falls off, with pieces of debris hitting him on the way down into the lava. He's finally defeated. That was intense! The wall drops down and the timer goes away. We find ourselves near the tower where Peach is being held. She calls his name and new music plays. We climb up the stairs and get a 1-up at the flagpole, freeing Peach. Peach's music plays and Mario gives her a spin. The course has been cleared! Finally!

The credits roll as Mario and the Toads each use a Tanooki Leaf to get down from the castle, while Mario carries Peach. (You didn't think Peach was going to wear a Tanooki Suit, did you?) We can control Mario across the screen. Bowser appears on a stack of Goombas, but falls off. Mario takes Peach back to her castle, where they sit on the Tanooki Tree admiring a Tanooki Leaf in a picture. Shaking makes the leaves and branch shake. A picture floats down to the ground, showing Luigi behind bars, guarded by a Boo and a Koopa. Luigi says, "Help me!". Shaking makes the Boo and Koopa jump and Luigi's head nod. What's that about?

Our file has two Stars on it. We get a message: "You can now use pipes to travel to Special Worlds." There's more? Let's continue!

After completing the special levels, we return. We have two Statue Leaves. The layout is the same. We get a 1-up from the Toads before we launch from the cannon. Once again, we find Peach tied to the flagpole, but the flag is gold, saying we've completed the level. Bowser appears and we go the area of crumbling rocks. We hit the first switch and the second. We get a 1-up at the flagpole and free Peach. The credits roll. This time, we get another picture, that of Peach and the Toads. Peach is wearing a Tanooki Suit, which has the Toads freaking out and Peach startled. We now have four stars on our file.

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