Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 6-4 -- Step to the Beep Part 2

We hear a familiar whistle when we start this level. Ahead of us are three platforms: blue, yellow, and pink. They appear with the higher-pitched beep and disappear with the lower-pitched one in the above order. We cross them, hop over a walking Thwomp, and hop over some more forming stairs. I died from the spiky enemies.
Take 2- We reach the door, but jump from the top of a walking Thwomp to a ledge with the first Star Coin. We go through the door to find more blocks and walking Thwomps. At the top of the stairs is another door with the second Star Coin above it. Outside is the midpoint. We get a Tanooki Suit from Red Coins. The third Star Coin is above the block with the spike bar. It hit me and I fell off.
Take 3- I fell after getting the third Star Coin.
Take 4- See Take 3.
Take 5- See Take 3.
Take 6- The gold block appeared. We get the third Star Coin and a Tanooki Suit. We then have to dodge swinging spike bars with the platforms as a safety net. We get a 1-up at the flagpole.

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