Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S1-2

Before the level starts, we see a purple Mario with yellow eyes running towards the screen. The Cosmic Mario/ Luigi/ Clones music plays. We die from a Spiny.
Take 2- We move forward and the purple Mario appears, copying our every move like a Cosmic Clone. We get the first Star Coin on the cracked stone bridge. I ran into him and died.
Take 3- We get the first Star Coin and reach the midpoint. I got the last two Star Coins, one over swinging rolling spikes, and the other over a springy mushroom. I fell from jumping off the bridge to dodge rolling spikes.
Take 4- I got the second Star Coin and died from rolling spikes.
Take 5- I fell after getting the third Star Coin.
Take 6- See Take 3.
Take 7- After getting the last two Star Coins and crossing the bridge, we bounce up a springy mushroom to go near the ceiling, and run to the right, like in Super Mario Bros. 1-2, where you'd go to reach the Pipe Zone. There's a pipe there that takes us to the flagpole. We defeat the Cosmic Clone with a nearby Starman for a few coins and get a 1-up at the flagpole.

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