Saturday, January 21, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S6-1

It's the pyramid level, but it's nighttime now. There are five item blocks nearby: three are Propeller Blocks and two are Poison Mushrooms. We go around back and use the Propeller Block to reach a door. We go in and drop down to a lower door and go outside. We drop down some more to a musical note block and spring to a yellow platform. It raises us up partway to the first Star Coin. You need the Propeller Block to reach it. We go back inside through the same door. We bounce back up and get the second Star Coin by wall-jumping, then using the Propeller Block. We propel up to another door to the outside. We climb the stairs moving out of the wall to another door. We pass spikes on both sides and reach the door. It takes us to the flagpole. We propel from a walking Thwomp to the third Star Coin high above nearby. We get two 1-ups at the flagpole.

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