Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 7-3

We need 70 Star Coins to unlock this level, which isn't a problem, as we have 113 Star Coins. It's a nighttime level with tightropes and Super Mario 3 music. We hop up the tightropes, dodging Fuzzies, but dying from a fireball from a Fire Piranha.
Take 2- We climb up, dropping down from a high tightrope down to a lower one, collecting the first Star Coin on the way. It is to the right. We warp using the orange Mystery Box. We died trying to reach Coin Heaven using the purple blocks by a fireball.
Take 3- We fell off.
Take 4- We reach Coin Heaven. We get a Starman and run through enemies for a 1-up. The second Star Coin is at the end. We land at the midpoint and use the binoculars to find five Toads who drop a couple of Super Shrooms. We warp to more tightrope climbing. We jump up from a short tightrope for the third Star Coin. Here, the Fuzzies are moving along a white track, so be aware of where they are. We carefully climb up, avoiding enemies flying around the tightropes. We warp and hit purple blocks for a 1-up at the flagpole.

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