Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: Special 1-1

Going through the pipe is like going down the rabbit hole. Mario falls towards the light in the first time we've seen the inside of a warp pipe! We land in what looks like World 1, but with remixed music. This should be interesting.
The level layout looks the same, with a sunset background. We grab a blue striped Tanooki Leaf and get a Tanooki Suit with a red bandana around the neck. This allows us to become a statue, like in Super Mario 3, when we ground pound. This should save us some time when we need to ground pound. There are also purple Poison Mushrooms, like in the Lost Levels of Super Mario Bros. They follow you around. We get a Starman and take out the Spinies for 1-ups. I died from a walking spike block.
Take 2- The first Star Coin is on the green ledge to the left, over a brick block. We Triple Jump to reach it: two to the block, and one from the block. The second Star Coin is over the springy mushrooms, on the left side. We get a 1-up at the flagpole.
Take 3- We find the third Star Coin on top level and jump towards the screen to a floating block off a patch of land jutting out from the top of the castle. The Star Coin is a few blocks away. We reach the flagpole.

Well, that was interesting. Nintendo said that the special worlds would be more challenging, and they are, although they seem to be very generous with the Starmen here (3). The Star Coins are in all new locations, so this won't be just a repeat of the game. I look forward to it.

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