Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 6-1

It's another beach level with beach music! It's reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. levels that involve running over a bridge while dodging Cheep-Cheep. At one point, a spiked Porcu-Puffer jumps through the bridge, removing a section. We briefly get a Boomerang Flower from a mystery item block, but lose it to a Cheep-Cheep. We take out some Tanooki Goombas and reach land with a tightrope. There are Porcu-Puffers jumping from the waterfall over the tightrope to dodge. At the end of the tightrope is the midpoint and another tightrope. Before we proceed we see an area below to the right. Unfortunately, I fell off here.
Take 2- The binoculars show us where the goal is. We go to the area below and kick the rock into the pipe for a 1-up, but it fell off before we could reach it. We go through the green pipe to an underwater area with rings. At the end, high above the pipe is the second Star Coin. We go through the pipe and fall again.
Take 3- We get the 1-up from the rock and pipe trick. We get Red Coins for a Tanooki Suit. We cross another tightrope, hopping onto a flying item block to reach a higher tightrope to the third Star Coin. I tried to cross the bridge, but Porcu-Puffers take out several sections of it, so I fell. I must cross more quickly.
Take 4- We get the last two Star Coins and a Tanooki Suit. We cross the bridge quickly and safely. Next is a grassy bridge the flagpole, dodging Porcu-Puffers. We get a 1-up at the flagpole.
Take 5- I fell.
Take 6- The first Star Coin is hiding sneakily to the left of the start, over the rocks. I fell.
Take 7- We get the first Star Coin and reach the midpoint. We get a 1-up at the flagpole.

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