Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 8-2

We climb up some poles, jumping to the next one. The first Star Coin is a in plain sight, a jump away from a pole. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy: the coin is above flames. We hop onto another pole and it moves on a track. We stay higher on the pole to avoid flames. Next are two ferris wheels, one in the path of flames. We jump to the left from the ferris wheel with flames to dropping platforms with the second Star Coin and hop back on. We reach the midpoint nearby. We need to hop from pole to pole, but the poles move up and down. I fell.
Take 2- I walked around the first pole and jumped to the last two. I landed on a dropping platform and kept going. We then have to reach a pole that moves over dropping platforms. I missed and fell.
Take 3- I fell.
Take 4- I reached the moving pole and fell after dodging flames.
Take 5- I took the moving pole to its end point and found another moving pole over dropping platforms. On the way is the third Star Coin. We pick it up and hop on the pole. At its end is a ferris wheel to the flagpole.

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