Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S3- Airship

We need 140 Star Coins to unlock this level and have 199. We launch from the cannon. This is a very fast auto-sidescroller. I got left behind and died.
Take 2- I got the first Star Coin and got left behind. You have to move very quickly to keep up, so move with precision.
Take 3- I got all three Star Coins, dropping to the Airship below the one past the second Star Coin. I fell.
Take 4- I got the first two Star Coins and fell.
Take 5- See Take 2.
Take 6- I got the first Star Coin and died from a Tanooki Bullet Bill.
Take 7- We got all three Star Coins and dodged lots of flames. After that is the flagpole, but if you go down the stairs, you'll find three Toads in Tanooki Suits, who'll give you lots of coins. We reached the flagpole.

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