Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S4-3

We have to cross a bridge at first with spiky creatures. I fell.
Take 2- We cross the first bridge and find another. Bullet Bills buzz overhead. We get a Boomerang flower from Red Coins. We cross to a parallel bridge, where Banzai Bills fly overhead. We drop down and wall-jump for the second Star Coin. I reach the Fire Piranhas and Boomerang Bro and fall.
Take 3- I died from Bullet Bills.
Take 4- See Take 2.
Take 5- I fell.
Take 6- See Take 5.
Take 7- See Take 2.
Take 8- We get the second Star Coin. The third Star Coin is under the arch to the flagpole. I fell trying to get it.
Take 9- We get the last two Star Coins, using a boomerang for the third. We reached the flagpole.
Take 10- I found the first Star Coin behind the waterfall. I fell.
Take 11- I got the first Star Coin and reached the flagpole.

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