Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: S3-1

More swings! We drop to the lower swings and miss the first Star Coin. After that is the midpoint. The second Star Coin is over an item block of the second swing past the midpoint. I got it and fell.
Take 2- I got the second Star Coin and fell.
Take 3- I fell.
Take 4- See Take 2.
Take 5- See Take 2. I took the path to the left after the second Star Coin, but didn't time a jump to a swing well.
Take 6- See Take 5.
Take 7- See Take 2.
Take 8- See Take 3.
Take 9- See Take 3.
Take 10- I got the last two Star Coins. I jumped down from higher swing to the lower swing where the Star Coin was. We move right, hopping from swing to siwng to the flagpole.
Take 11- I fell.
Take 12- We walk off the swing and drop down to get the first Star Coin. We reach the midpoint. I fell.
Take 13- See Take 3.
Take 14- See Take 3.
Take 15- See Take 3.
Take 16- See Take 3.
Take 17- See Take 3.
Take 18- I reached the flagpole. Finally!

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