Sunday, January 1, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land: 6-3

It's another Ghost House. We start in a room where a tile keeps warping from the corner closest to the screen to three pictures hiding orange Mystery Boxes. We use the one in the middle picture of a block for the second Star Coin, which floats around an optical illusion cube. You don't have to stand on the cube. Take the Mystery Box in the upper left corner to return to the first room. Next, we use the Mystery Box behind the piano keys picture. This takes us to moving piano keys and a Boo. We pick up the first Star Coin over some musical note blocks and use the Mystery Box at the end. The keys don't make noise. We take the last Mystery Box in the third painting of a book. We end up in a library. The background moves back, revealing a ramp and books to hop over. We go to the back wall and find another Mystery Box hiding behind the background. We hear a chime and warp. We hop over books and cross a tightrope to two flights of stairs. At the top are three clocks. Next, is another tightrope. At the end is a giant Boo. We backtrack and go up the left stairs and down the right stairs to avoid it. We reach the door to the flagpole.
Take 2- We go through the book picture and up the ramp. We find the third Star Coin floating over the area and jump to get it. We go to the hidden Mystery Box and get a 1-up at the flagpole.

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